A woman is accused of theft and taking a leak on someone’s front porch. 

Maricopa resident Kharl Gimenez took to the social media app Nextdoor and warned neighbors in the Meritage Copper Ridge community that someone soiled his porch. 

“Caught this girl peeing on our front porch,” Gimenez wrote. 

He also accused the woman of stealing something from his neighbor’s porch. 

Gimenez shared photos of a woman walking up to the front porch, squatting with her jeans at her knees and appearing to urinate on a welcome mat. He also shared images of what appears to be the same woman taking an item from the neighbor’s driveway. 

“Already talked with the police and filed a report,” Gimenez said. 

Maricopa Police Department investigated but has not yet found its suspect.  

MPD hasn’t yet tracked down the front porch piddler. [Kharl Gimenez/Nextdoor]
“Our officers responded to the area for the report of suspicious activity,” Williams said. “However, when they arrived, they could not locate the individual.” 

Police have not yet made any arrests in connection with this incident. 

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