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Photo by Kyle Norby

The least expensive home sold in Maricopa Dec. 16-Jan. 15 was in an older neighborhood of Rancho El Dorado. Its selling price was nearly 13 percent less than its previous, pre-Recession sale price in 2006. A three-bedroom home with all the basics, it touts a new paint job inside and a grass backyard that needs some TLC.

  1. 42611 W. Colby Drive, Rancho El Dorado

Sold: Dec. 22
Purchase price: $174,200
Square footage: 1,093
Price per square foot: $159.38
Days on market: 115
Builder: Continental
Year built: 2003
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 2
Community: Rancho El Dorado
Features: Extended patio, two-car garage with painted floor
Listing agent: James Mickelson, HomeSmart Success
Selling agent: Pamm Seago-Peterlin, Century 21 Seago

  1. 36480 W. El Greco St., Tortosa ………………………………. $189,000
  2. 42609 W. Lucera Court, Glennwilde ………………………. $190,000
  3. 42068 W. Hillman Drive, Rancho El Dorado …………… $196,000
  4. 37118 W. Mondragone Lane, Sorrento …………………. $196,000

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Photo by Kyle Norby

The most expensive home sold in Maricopa Dec. 16-Jan. 15 was a four-bedroom, two-story Villages home with a pool and a putting green. Its price rose 150% since the last time it sold in 2011. Much of that was due to many interior upgrades and the finely landscaped backyard. The home sold for $6,000 above its list price.

  1. 43228 W. Kramer Lane, The Villages

Sold: Jan. 1
Purchase price: $325,000
Square footage: 2,450
Price per square foot: $132.65
Days on market: 53
Builder: Hacienda
Year built: 2004
Bedrooms: 4
Bathrooms: 2.5
Community: The Villages at Rancho El Dorado
Features: Lots of open spaces, storage and counter space, stainless-steel appliances, three-car garage, sparkling pool with jetted tub, covered patios, gazebo, upstairs loft
Listing agent: Christopher Michael Haller, HomeSmart
Selling agent: James Mitchell, James Mitchell Real Estate

  1. 44487 W. Redrock Road, Cobblestone Farms ……………………………. $318,000
  2. 19569 N. Ventana Lane, Glennwilde …………………………………………. $312,500
  3. 45348 W. Windrose Drive, Alterra North ………………………………….. $310,000
  4. 43226 W. Maricopa Ave., Senita ……………………………………………….. $305,000

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Photo by Kyle Norby

The most expensive home sold in Maricopa Nov. 16-Dec. 15 is a two-story, five-bedroom home with a private pool and a putting green. On the market several times since 2006, it sold for 48% above its previous selling price in 2015. On market for three months, it sold for its asking price.

  1. 44557 W. Granite Drive, Cobblestone Farms

Sold: Dec. 13
Purchase price: $369,900
Square footage: 3,721
Price per square foot: $99.41
Days on market: 94
Builder: Fulton Homes
Year built: 2005
Bedrooms: 5
Bathrooms: 3
Community: Cobblestone Farms
Features: Granite countertops, soaking tub, three-car garage plus three-car parking slab, heated pool, extended patio
Listing Agent: Lauren Rosin, West USA Realty
Selling Agent: Davee Jacobs, Long Realty Uptown

  1. 22693 N. Sunset Drive, Cobblestone Farms ……………………………. $345,000
  2. 21550 N. Backus Drive, Rancho El Dorado ………………………………. $335,000
  3. 40615 W. Dennis Lane, Smith Farms ………………………………………. $324,000
  4. 41941 W. Monteverde Court, Glennwilde ……………………………….. $322,000

By Brian Petersheim

Finding a good property to rent in Maricopa is still tough but becoming much easier than it was just three months ago. There are almost twice as many rentals on the market today than there were during the summer.

To put the supply in perspective,  Maricopa currently has about 18,500 homes currently, but only 0.12% are for rent on the Arizona Regional MLS (plus 12 furnished vacation rentals).

The rental homes are coming on the market, and may have applicants within the first few days, and are rented quickly.

In June: 96.3% of the homes were rented within the first 30 days.

Now: 81.2% of the homes were rented within the first 30 days.

There were 85 homes rented in the past three months in Maricopa. The average monthly rent was $1,360 for an approximately 2,000-square-foot home.

Total number of homes for rent   23 (+9 from June)
Rentals allowing pets                      19 (+14 from June)
Rentals with pools                            1   (+1 from June)
Short term/seasonal rentals          12 (+4 from June)

Monthly lease prices of 23 rental homes on the market:
$1,600+        —-4

The rental market is tight but loosening up. Prices have stayed the same since the summer, but inventory has increased significantly.

A prospective tenant needs to put their best foot forward when applying to rent a home. These are some tips and tricks to help a tenant get into the rental home of their dreams and set them above the competition.

  1. Any resident over 18 will likely have to submit to a credit/criminal check. Know in advance what those reports will show, and have documentation prepared accordingly.
  2. Attach reference letter from boss or previous landlord to application.
  3. Check with property manager/landlord to see if there are any applicants already. No sense in spending money on application fees if another tenant is already being considered.
  4. Any Realtor can help you with rental listings.
  5. If you are in need of a washer/dryer/refrigerator and the rental doesn’t have one, ask if one can be supplied. Worst case they say “no,” best case they install one.

If you are interested in purchasing a home for an investment property, please reach out.

Brian Petersheim-Realtor
Call/text 602-206-9644

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Housing developers are creating homes with separate living spaces for multi-generational families under one roof.

By Dayv Morgan

Dayv Morgan

While the standard homebuyer may be looking for a three or four-bedroom for their nuclear family, American culture in the 21st century is turning more and more toward multigenerational housing.

Whether it’s grandparents moving in, adult children coming back home or other relatives needing temporary living space, the need to accommodate other adults who need reasonable independence and privacy has become a trend.

  1. Hovnanian Homes estimates one in five Americans is currently living in a multigenerational arrangement, “a 30 percent increase since 2007.”

Because of this rise in demand, more builders are designing with multigenerational living in mind, including two in Maricopa. Lennar, for instance, is building in Alterra and has what it calls “two homes under one roof.” Going beyond the casitas that are often just detached bedroom/bathroom setups, the new design has a bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchenette, and laundry that are a suite of the main house but can be closed off for privacy.

The K. Hovnanian floorplan, which is currently being sold in Maricopa Meadows, follows the same concept and is called “Extra Suite.”

When buying a home, it is wise to think into the future about what your extended family’s needs will be in five or 10 years. If your house does not have a built-in suite, are there existing living spaces that can be converted to have a second kitchen, maybe a second laundry, just in case?

In some areas of the country it is common to convert garage space into living quarters, but this is not recommended in Maricopa. Almost every home is on a post-tension slab, making it difficult to put in extra plumbing after the home is built. You also don’t want to lose parking and storage space, as that will hurt resale value.

Even if you don’t have a current need for a multi-gen home, having a private suite with a private entry opens up the opportunity to rent a room in your house. With the lowest home-rental rates in Maricopa around $1,200 per month now, a single person would find a $500-$600 suite a sweet deal.

The reasons for bringing adult generations under one roof can range from economic pressures to aging or special needs. And while no one anticipates their family having an accident or health issues impacting the way they live in their home, it has become the reality for many, and it’s good to consider such possibilities when buying or updating a home.

Dayv Morgan is a Maricopa Realtor and owner of HomeSmart Success.



This column appears in the October issue of InMaricopa.

Joan Koczor

By Joan Koczor

Joan Koczor

Some of us are reaching that stage of our life when we are considering downsizing. Some are looking forward to removing the clutter and enjoying free time by moving to a smaller place that requires less upkeep.

If you are experiencing medical issues or unable to care for yourself, downsizing should be considered. At this time, it may become necessary for family, friends or your physician to discuss your options. Family members should use caution to ensure the senior feels part of the process.

Once the decision to downsize is made they will need to discuss what living arrangement is best for them.

Typically, renting or buying a smaller home or condominium, living with a family member or friend, assisted living, retirement community or nursing home facility are a few options you may have. Are there road trips you always wanted to take? You might consider an RV.

Taking into consideration where you will be moving and space available, a list of things you want to take with you and what can be donated or discarded can be helpful in the de-cluttering process.

Ask yourself: Is it necessary? Do I really want it? When is the last time I used it? Any financial value? Sentimental value? Are there a few things to pass along to family members?

No family members nearby? Feeling overwhelmed? There are several senior placement agencies in Arizona that can work with you. A representative will assess your situation taking into consideration your medical condition and needs, location and financial status.

If you are considering a senior placement agency do some research. Are they reputable? Is there a language barrier? Is the agency familiar with Medicare/Medicaid? Consider an agency that has the best experience dealing with all types of insurance. Does the agency charge a fee?

Downsizing is a life changing experience but not as scary as it sounds. It can also present new opportunities. A smaller living space means less maintenance and can free up time to pursue your hobbies, allow time to travel without the worry of what has to be done at home and more time for socialization. Check off a few items on your bucket list.

As with anything, exercise caution. Get as much information as you can before you make any decision. More importantly, do what is right for you.

Joan Koczor is a senior advocate and a member of the Age-Friendly Maricopa Advisory Committee.

This column appears in the October issue of InMaricopa.

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Photo by Kyle Norby

The most expensive home sold in Maricopa from Aug. 16 through Sept. 15 is a two-story home overlooking the 10th hole of The Duke at Rancho El Dorado. With lots of aesthetic additions, it sold for just $200 under its list price. The property is now about $78,000 shy of its 2005 price.

  1. 42359 W. Little Drive, Rancho El Dorado

Sold: Sept. 11
Purchase price: $342,300
Square footage: 2,997
Price per square foot: $114.21
Days on market: 154
Builder: DR Horton
Year built: 2005
Bedrooms: 5
Bathrooms: 3
Community: Rancho El Dorado
Features: Two levels, three-car garage, private pool, golf-course views, loft, RV gate, slab parking for three additional vehicles
Listing agent: Robyn J. Bernzott, Re/Max Fine Properties
Selling agent: Carrie Pagnussat, HomeSmart

  1. 21992 N. Dietz Drive, Rancho El Dorado …………………………..$325,100
  2. 20224 N. Peppermint Drive, Province ………………………………$325,000
  3. 44558 W. Sedona Trail, Cobblestone Farms ……………………..$320,000
  4. 41032 W. Walker Way, Homestead North …………………………$320,000

This item appears in the October issue of InMaricopa.

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Photo by Kyle Norby

A house in Glennwilde’s Magnolia section was the most expensive home sold in Maricopa from June 16 through July 15. It gained 42 percent in value since it last sold two years ago. The two-story house with a pool next to a common area was recently remodeled and includes roomy bedrooms and a three-car garage.

  1. 42405 W. Somerset Drive, Glennwilde

Sold: June 29
Purchase price: $323,000
Square footage: 3,301
Price per square foot: $97.84
Days on market: 66
Builder: Centex
Year built: 2006
Bedrooms: 4
Bathrooms: 3
Community: Glennwilde
Features: Heated pool, covered patio with built-in barbecue, bamboo flooring, granite countertops
Listing agent: Tina Clowes, The Maricopa Real Estate Company
Selling agent: Deanne Brevik, Keller Williams Realty

  1. 37698 W. Vera Cruz Drive, Rancho Mirage ……………………………. $322,000
  2. 40772 W. Pryor Lane, Homestead ………………………………………… $310,000
  3. 43311 W. Kramer Lane, The Villages at Rancho El Dorado ……. $300,000
  4. 20695 N. Bustos Way, The Villages at Rancho El Dorado ………. $300,000

    This item appears in the August issue of InMaricopa.

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Brian Petersheim

Local HomeSmart Success real estate agent Brian Petersheim has teamed up with highly acclaimed local mortgage lender Rudy Benitez of Annie-Mac mortgage and Stacey Cyr of Pioneer Title agency to offer 100 visitors to their booth at this weekend’s Salsa Festival a certificate good for a $1,000 credit at closing when they use Brian Petersheim as their agent to buy or sell a home.

“I wanted to give out something of value, and who can’t use an extra $1,000 when they are buying or selling a home?” said Petersheim. “The $1,000 can be used in many different ways for the buyer or seller. The most common use would be toward closing costs, price reduction or maybe home warranty if needed. The best part is the credit is done after everything has been negotiated in the sale so it is truly an extra $1000!”

In addition to the $1,000 certificates, the real estate trio is holding a contest at the booth with the grand prize a 50-inch TV.

“Anyone can enter; you just need to bring your best estimation skills to guess the number of skittles in a jar,” said Petersheim.  “We also have plenty of swag to give away at the booth, courtesy of Annie-Mac, Pioneer Title and HomeSmart Success. “

The booth is the Brian Petersheim – Homesmart/Pioneer/AnnieMac booth, located in front of the beer garden. Be sure to stop by and see what they have to offer. Anyone that would like a $1,000 certificate but won’t be at the Salsa Fest can reach out directly to Brian via text at 602-206-9644 or email at BrianPetersheim@gmail.com.

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Photo by Raquel Hendrickson


The least expensive home sold in Maricopa Aug. 16-Sept. 15 was a 13-year-old starter home in Maricopa Meadows. The home lost nearly 25 percent of its value since the last time it sold in 2005. Newly carpeted and painted inside, the home served as a rental.

  1. 46108 W. Long Way, Maricopa Meadows

Sold: Sept. 14
Purchase price: $155,000
Square footage: 1,447
Price per square foot: $107.11
Days on market: 39
Builder: Elite
Year built: 2005
Bedrooms: 4
Bathrooms: 2
Community: Maricopa Meadows
Features: New tile in kitchen, bathrooms and laundry room, new toilets, lots of ceiling fans, dual-pane windows, sheltered entry, two-car garage.
Listing Agent: Mary Almaguer, Apache Gold Realty
Selling Agent: Charles D. Powell, Realty Executives Tucson Elite

  1. 45638 W. Amsterdam Road, Maricopa Meadows ………..$165,000
  2. 42466 W. Hillman Drive, Rancho El Dorado ………………….$168,000
  3. 44773 W. Portabello Road, Acacia Crossings ………………..$169,000
  4. 41293 W. Capistrano Drive, Glennwilde ……………………….$170,000

    This item appears in the October issue of InMaricopa.

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Photo by Raquel Hendrickson


The most expensive home sold in Maricopa Aug. 16-Sept. 15 was a two-story, five-bedroom home in the middle of Rancho El Dorado with a backyard pool and a master-suite balcony overlooking the golf course. It also sports a three-car garage, loft, fireplace and lots of space. Listed at just under $400,000, it sold for $5,000 under the asking price. That was $69,000 more than its selling price four and a half months earlier.

  1. 42443 W. Bravo Drive, Rancho El Dorado

Sold: Sept. 1
Purchase price: $394,000
Square footage: 3,890
Price per square foot: $101.29
Days on market: 130
Builder: Hacienda
Year built: 2004
Bedrooms: 5
Bathrooms: 3
Community: Rancho El Dorado
Features: Large diving pool with new tile, great views, master suite with walkout, new carpet and paint, multiple ovens, walk-in pantry, covered patio
Listing Agent: Heather Schmidt, The Maricopa Real Estate Company
Selling Agent: Bobby Johns, Realty Pointe LLC

  1. 22026 N. Cline Court, Rancho El Dorado ………… $375,000
  2. 21954 N. Olson Court, Rancho El Dorado ………. $373,000
  3. 40358 W. Dennis Lane, Smith Farms …………….. $275,000
  4. 42166 W. Santa Fe St., Glennwilde ……………….. $260,455

    This item appears in the October issue of InMaricopa.

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Dayv Morgan

By Dayv Morgan

The end of summer typically brings with it the sluggishness of the Maricopa housing market for the cooler months. Last year, for instance, the median price for a closed/sold home was $190,000 in September and stayed the same in December.

You can also expect fewer homes going under contract when the market is flat.

In 2017, Maricopa had 157 homes that went under contract in October. That dropped to 134 in November and then 106 in December, according to Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

As sales slow, the number of homes on the market increases. That coincides with an increase in active homes in the Maricopa market during the fall months.

2017 Active Homes
October 382
November 411
December 429

The market is expected to behave the same way this autumn, too. Though a stagnant housing market is often a buyer’s market, families looking for new homes usually search toward the end of the school year, so they can move over the summer.

And while October is “snowbird” season and visitors from the Midwest and Northeast return, Canadians do not seem to be having the same impact on the housing market as they once did. Canadian ownership is now under 5 percent, according to Empire West Title Company.

The exception to the flat fall market is Province, which is expected to see an upswing in activity, as they do get a lot of buyers who are in Maricopa only during the cooler months. Meritage Homes at Province is ramping up its spec homes. It has 14 completed and available specs right now, nine more were started in September and 22 spec homes are scheduled to start by the end of November.


Dayv Morgan is a Maricopa Realtor and owner of HomeSmart Success.

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This column appears in the October issue of InMaricopa.

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By Dayv Morgan

Dayv Morgan

Traditionally, a down payment on a home is 20 percent of the sales price. This allows a buyer to avoid paying a monthly fee for private mortgage insurance. But saving up 20 percent is often a struggle for potential homebuyers. The median sales price in Maricopa is around $210,000, which would require $42,000 down.

This is why down-payment assistance (DPA) programs remain in demand. In 2016, the Pathway to Purchase (P2P) program allowed Maricopans to receive a grant of 10 percent of the price, up to $20,000, to be used towards the down payment. The P2P program returned last month for selected zip codes, including most of Casa Grande, but unfortunately Maricopa was not on that list.

There are still other DPA options for homebuyers in Maricopa. And DPAs are not just for first-time homebuyers.

Administered by the Arizona Industrial Development Authority, the HOME Plus Home Loan Program provides a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage combined with DPA up to 5 percent. The assistance is provided in the form of a three-year, no interest, no down payment, second mortgage, completely forgiven at the end of three years. The DPA can be used toward the down payment, closing costs or a combination of the two. Active military and veterans can receive an additional 1 percent.

For those who do not qualify for these programs, there is still a standard 3.5-percent down FHA loan program, which is the most common in Maricopa. The 0-percent down USDA loan program also still exists, but is only for specific geographical areas, and not an option within the city limits of Maricopa.

A 620 credit score is often thought to be the minimum to qualify for financing. Many renters don’t begin to even think about looking for homes until their score is in the 600s. FHA actually sets a minimum score of 580, but mortgage companies often will add their own “overlays” on top of the federal guidelines, bringing it back up to a 620.

Fortunately, there are some lenders with niche programs available to help potential buyers with less-than-great credit.

Carrington Mortgage Services, for example, has options for VA and FHA loans with a credit score as low as 500. The FHA loan requires a higher down payment of 10 percent, but the VA product does not require any down payment at all.

The previously mentioned HOME Plus program has a 620 credit score with most lenders, but there are several companies that will accept scores under 620, including Flagstar, Carrington, Bank of America and Quicken Loans.

Every lender will likely have different requirements for qualifying. In addition to credit score and down payment, other factors such as debt-to-income ratios and cash reserves will come into play. Based on your personal situation, your real estate professional and lender can direct you to the best financing programs available.


Dayv Morgan is a Maricopa Realtor and owner of HomeSmart Success.

This column appears in the September issue of InMaricopa.

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By Dayv Morgan

Dayv Morgan

Considering Arizona’s abundant sunshine, rooftop solar panels are an appealing feature for homebuyers looking at a resale home.

Market indications show that the value of solar panels is often less than sellers hope for when selling, however. In the last 12 months, over 2,000 homes were sold in Maricopa through MLS. Of those, only 87 (4 percent) were listed as having solar panels; 63 were leased and 24 were owned.

According to DecisionData.com – based on two ZIP codes in Maricopa – let’s consider two scenarios: owned solar panels and leased solar panels.

Owned solar:
A residential 5kW solar system will save a Maricopa resident up to $111 per month. A 10kW system will double your savings. That’s significant given the dramatic increase in electrical power consumption in summer months due to A/C usage. Rising electricity costs and higher-than-average electricity usage means more opportunities for savings with solar even as rebates and incentives have decreased over the years. The average cost for a new system is $18,000–$20,000. When selling, the added value to the sale price amounts to only about $10,000. Nonetheless, it still only takes about four or five years to break even if you factor in the annual savings on electricity.

Leased solar:
Leased solar panels are technically not part of the home. Anyone buying the home may have to qualify with the solar company. Buyers may need a higher credit score than even the mortgage company requires to assume the lease, which may still have 15 years remaining. Homes with leased solar typically sell slower than homes with no solar, and may even sell for less. Furthermore, leased solar does not add value on the appraisal and lease payments often increase annually. Also, with most lenders, it increases a buyer’s debt-to-income ratio and, thus, decreases a buyer’s purchasing power.

Tips for selling:
Emphasize how much money you save. (Don’t be afraid to brag!) Provide buyers with written documentation on annual savings to help them understand kW and panel efficiency; they are more likely to see value if you can quantify the savings. Is it $100 per month? Three hundred? Include info in the MLS or leave a copy of recent electric bills on kitchen counter.

Help buyers recognize the value over the long term.

Dayv Morgan is a Maricopa Realtor and owner of HomeSmart Success. He can be reached at DayvMorgan@gmail.com.

This column appears in the August issue of InMaricopa.


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Photo by Raquel Hendrickson

The least expensive home sold in the city of Maricopa from May 16 to June 15 was a manufactured home in the Heritage District. Maricopa’s mixed-use heritage overlay was used a selling point, as homes within the overlay can be used as residential or commercial. The home was in the middle of an 8,000-square-foot lot.

  1. 45004 W. Garvey Ave.

Sold: June 9
Purchase price: $132,250
Square footage: 1,284
Price per square foot: $102.99
Days on market: 95
Builder: unknown
Year built: 1998
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 2
Community: Maricopa Manor
Features: Large lot, remodeled kitchen, new paint inside
Listing agent: Manuel Gauna, My Home Group Real Estate
Selling agent: R.C. Hard, Go Sold Realty

  1. 19220 N. Toledo Ave., Tortosa …………………….. $142,100
  2. 44823 W. Applegate Road, Alterra South ……… $152,000
  3. 46166 W. Sheridan Road, Maricopa Meadows . $153,000
  4. 36536 W. San Clemente St., Tortosa ………….…. $155,000
  5. 18883 N. Miller Way, Maricopa Meadows ….…. $155,000

    This item appears in the July issue of InMaricopa.

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Homestead construction

By Dayv Morgan

Dayv Morgan

 Maricopa has seen a recent surge in new home construction. Many people find it enjoyable to tour model homes, and soon find themselves contemplating an upgrade to a brand-new house. If you’re looking, perhaps it’s time to contact a Realtor.

Commonly, people believe there is a financial penalty to using a Realtor when buying a new home. That is not the case. It’s cost-free to use your own agent. The commission is paid by the builder. Also, it’s wise to take your Realtor along when you begin looking at models, because typically a builder will not allow you to have an agent once you have completed a registration form.

The seller will not give a lower base price simply because a buyer purchases without an agent. Often with completed spec homes, the opposite is true. Your Realtor can research how long a home has been on the market and help negotiate a reduced price or additional upgrades, such as appliances or landscape packages.

Another misconception is that it’s not necessary to have a Realtor when you buy a brand-new home. Here, it’s important to keep in mind the sales agents at the model homes are employees for the builder. They represent the builder’s best interests, not the buyer’s. A local agent can help point out things about the community, its location, and details such as HOA fees, amenities offered, the home’s orientation and exposure to the sun or proximity to the train tracks, road noise, etc.

Your Realtor may recommend you have a licensed home inspector view the home before closing; another practice that occurs with resales but is often overlooked with new homes.

When I moved to Maricopa in 2006, it was a housing boom and a strong seller’s market. When I decided to buy a new home, I was at the mercy of the builder, and had to agree to all their terms. Waiving a home inspection was one of the requirements. The sales representative convinced me, because the home came with a builder’s warranty, everything would be fine. Twelve months later, the builder was bankrupt, corporate offices were closed, and any possibility of making a warranty claim was gone.

Fortunately, the house had no structural issues. I have heard many examples, however, of home inspectors finding major problems such as missing insulation in walls or attic, disconnected AC ducts, or missing roof tiles. Even national builders and licensed contractors can make mistakes. It is important not to assume everything will be done perfectly. Anything that was installed incorrectly, if not caught during the warranty period, could end up costing hundreds or thousands of dollars when you plan to sell. The average home inspection costs about $350. It is certainly worth the peace of mind to have it done.


Dayv Morgan is a Maricopa Realtor and owner of HomeSmart Success. He can be reached at DayvMorgan@gmail.com.



Photo by Raquel Hendrickson

The most expensive home sold in the city of Maricopa from May 16 to June 15 was a half-million-dollar looker on a lake in Province that is the priciest of the year. The large house on a large lot included a casita and a private pool. There were tons of upgrades, from flooring to window treatments. Though on the market for nearly nine months at $14,000 above its eventual selling price, the results were apparently worth the wait.

  1. 19815 N. Puffin Drive, Province

Sold: May 31
Purchase price: $505,000
Square footage: 3,102
Price per square foot: $162.79
Days on market: 253
Builder: Engle
Year built: 2006
Bedrooms: 4
Bathrooms: 4
Community: Province
Features: Orchid model with stainless steel appliances, formal dining room, fireplace, waterfront views, full master bedroom, granite counters, play pool, patio, guest house
Listing agent: William G. Menkhus, HomeSmart
Selling agent: Jill K. Dames, Realty ONE Group

  1. 22496 N. Sunset Drive, Cobblestone Farms ………… $375,000
  2. 18955 N. Falcon Lane, Glennwilde …………………….. $322,000
  3. 18620 N. Tanners Way, Smith Farms ……………….… $319,000
  4. 19131 N. Toya St., Senita ………………………………….… $319,000

This item appears in the July issue of InMaricopa.

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Dayv Morgan

By Dayv Morgan

The heat is rising for renters who are navigating fewer options among ever-increasing prices in the city this year.

Investors are selling their rental properties to cash out on their equity. Canadian landlords are also benefiting from the local market by getting about an extra 25 percent return, thanks to the currency exchange rate.

These factors have helped create the decreased supply Maricopa has seen in recent years.

Through mid-May, only 23 listings were available to renters. All but one had been on the market less than 30 days.

Last year at this time, some homes were renting for $900. Today, no listings go for less than $1,100; and only three homes were available for less than $1,200 per month.

In a competitive market, landlords often get more than one application and can be more restrictive on their terms, like not allowing pets.

Tenants with less-than-perfect credit can increase their chances of getting approved by including with their application a referral from current and previous landlords. They could also offer to pay a higher security deposit – which, by state law, cannot exceed 1.5 times the monthly rent amount.

Buyers should be wary of advertised rentals on Craigslist or other classified websites that seem too good to be true.

In most cases, there is no cost for using a Realtor, and they can help make sure the home is not in foreclosure and that a legitimate lease is signed.

As rent prices go up, renters may want to consider buying, because payments will be about the same.  A $160,000 home can be owned for less than $1,200 per month.

Here is an estimated monthly payment breakdown at 4.75 percent interest for a Federal Housing Association Loan:

$819      Principal Interest
$108      Mortgage insurance
$125      Property taxes
$75        HOA
$60        Home insurance

There are several mortgage companies in Maricopa that a potential buyer can sit down with for a free no-obligation credit evaluation.

Dayv Morgan is a Maricopa Realtor and owner of HomeSmart Success.

This column appears in the June issue of InMaricopa.

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By Dayv Morgan

Dayv Morgan

As summer approaches and the weather warms up, the thought of having a backyard pool becomes more desirable.

But many people are hesitant to add one, thinking the cost is too great, and the return on investment will be too small when it’s time to sell.

In Maricopa, however, neither seems to be accurate. Most appraisers will say a pool adds $10,000 of value to a home.

In some parts of the Valley, pools are very common. Over the last month in Chandler, for example, almost 50 percent of the homes sold had a pool.

But in Maricopa, the number of properties with pools is quite low. Over the same 30-day period, only 22 of the 178 closed homes had pools (12.3 percent). Therefore, the added value is much higher than $10,000, often $25,000 or more in retail value.

So, what does it cost to keep cool?

A basic 80-foot perimeter pebble tec pool, with a maximum depth of 5 feet, should cost about $22,000, depending on the access to the yard. This means in most cases you will get at least a 100 percent return on investment.

If you add other pool features such as a waterfall, spa, in-floor cleaning system or heater, the price will jump quickly and the overall return for the pool investment will decline.

Another factor to consider is the “days on market” when you list your home for sale. Properties with pools tend to sell much faster than those without.

In the last month listings, Maricopa homes without pools took an average of 73 days to sell, while homes with pools sold almost twice as fast, in only 37 days.

Dayv Morgan is a Maricopa Realtor and owner of HomeSmart Success.



This column appears in the May issue of InMaricopa.

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Photo by Michelle Chance

Drywall dust has settled in a new community within the Santa Rosa Springs subdivision.

Costa Verde Homes cut the ribbon on its new development called Oasis at Santa Rosa Springs May 3.

The cozy community of 109 homesites sold 13 homes before its models opened. A grand opening for the public is scheduled for May 19 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Santa Rosa Springs is southwest of the Maricopa-Casa Grande Highway and Porter Road intersection on the south side of the railroad tracks.

As Maricopa recovered from the burst bubble of the housing crisis, many builders began their migration back to the city last year to resurrect abandoned projects in existing subdivisions – portions of which were left as virtual ghost towns.

The newest builder attracted to Maricopa is Costa Verde. Around for the past two years, the Arizona-based company has built one other community in Buckeye.

“I think our contemporary look and feel (separates Costa Verde from other developments),” said Susan Paul, vice president of sales and marketing.

The two model homes are a preview of options for potential homebuyers who might be interested in updated exterior and interior design.

A departure from the aesthetic of homes built 15 years ago, Costa Verde Homes feature squared corners and sinks and other modern options. All homes are Energy Star certified; come with stainless steel appliances, as well as front and backyard landscaping, Paul said.

Oasis at Santa Rosa Springs includes four floor plans: two single-story and two two-story homes. The price point ranges from $180,000 to $232,000.

Paul said first-time homebuyers and empty nesters are part of their target demographic.

“We’ve also seen a couple of move-up buyers as well,” she said.

The public can visit the Oasis at Santa Rosa Springs sales office, 42332 W. Ramirez Drive, prior to the grand opening Wednesday-Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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Photo by Mason Callejas

The least expensive home sold in Maricopa Dec. 16-Jan. 15 was a 46-year-old house across the street from Maricopa High School. It was the first time the home, built in 1972, had been on the market. Its selling price of $117,500 was $7,000 under its asking price. Though refurbished inside, the property showed its age in the Heritage District.

1. 19470 N. Taft Ave.

Sold: Dec. 20
Purchase price: $117,500
Price per square foot: $100.42
Days on market: 13
Year built: 1972
Builder: Custom
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 1.5
Community: McDavid
Features: Tons of upgrades, from wood flooring to granite countertops, new, stainless-steel appliances, shed, RV area, barbecue
Lister’s agent: Danielle M. Nichols, The Maricopa Real Estate Company
Seller’s agent: Robert Dishman, North & Co.

2. 42512 W. Bunker Drive, Rancho El Dorado, $132,500
3. 36490 W. La Paz Street, Tortosa, $136,000
4. 19296 N. Costa Verdez Ave., Tortosa, $139,000
5. 17453 N. Avelino Drive, Sorrento, $142,500

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Dayv Morgan

By Dayv Morgan

Whether you’re retiring, downsizing or purchasing a new home, Maricopa offers plenty of real estate options.

Reverse mortgages do come with a few conditions
1. The home must be a primary residence, and certified as such each year.
2. The property condition must be maintained.
3. The homeowner must still pay the property taxes, HOA and insurance.

The newest option might attract seniors who want to live with family, but desire a separate living space. One builder currently has a single-story model for sale in Santa Rosa Springs that is a great option.

This “multi-generational” floorplan has an area with a private family room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchenette, along with its own entrance from the exterior while still being attached to the main house. The properties are essentially two homes in one, and the HOA is only $65 per month, so it is a more affordable option than the adult community in the city.

Province, Maricopa’s fabulous 55+ community, was voted the best active-adult community in the country in 2006 by the National Association of Home Builders.

It features a 32,000-square-foot clubhouse and resort-style outdoor pool surrounded by a scenic 50-acre lake. Additionally, it is a guard-gated community, providing residents safety and security, especially for those who do not occupy the home year-round.

However, these added benefits do come with a cost: Homes in Province have the highest price per square foot and the highest HOA of any subdivision in Maricopa. HOA fees are $678 per quarter for single-family homes and $918 per quarter for the Villas, which share an exterior wall with another home.

Those looking to buy a home in other subdivisions might consider reverse mortgages – a unique option for seniors age 62 or older. With as little as a 20 percent down payment, purchasers can actually end up without a monthly loan payment.

Additionally, reverse mortgages can allow homeowners to refinance their existing loan and convert home equity into cash. The money can be paid in a lump sum, through a line of credit or with monthly payments. Fees and interest are charged on the loan amount, therefore over time the loan balance increases and your home equity decreases.


This column appears in the February issue of InMaricopa.

Aaron Anderson

By Aaron Anderson

Relax. Applying for home financing doesn’t have to be complicated.

As a business owner, when you hear the term “mortgage,” do you get that same dreadful feeling in your stomach as when you’re heading toward the 347 during rush hour?  You shouldn’t. With proper planning and some patience, like the 347, the process can go smoothly. Here are some tips:

  • Talk to your mortgage advisor about the paperwork requirements 5-6 months before your planned purchase if you can. Did you know, in some cases, lenders will only require the most recent tax return filed with the IRS? Gone are the days where 2-3 years of returns are always required.
  • You can use cash that’s held in business accounts for your down-payment and closing costs. It may be easier to document these funds than transfer funds to personal accounts.
  • Lenders have programs that allow bank statements alone to document your income.

Due to the recovery of housing and strengthening economy, banks and mortgage providers are doing what we can to expand mortgage offerings. This includes looking for ways to assist small business owners and self-employed borrowers. Put yourself in a position to take advantage of this expansion and make home ownership part of your plan.

Aaron J. Anderson is a senior loan officer at HomeStreet Bank. His NMLS ID is 595229.

This column appears in the September issue of InMaricopa.

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Photo by Mason Callejas

The most expensive home sold in Maricopa July 16-Aug. 15 was a two-story house that included a three-car garage on a large lot with a salt-water pool and built in barbecue and fireplace. On the market a little more than a month, the house’s cost dropped $45,000 from its original asking price.

1. 22238 N. O’Sullivan Drive

Sold: July 31
Purchase Price: $385,000
Square Feet: 4,287
Price per square foot: $89.81
Days on market: 43
Builder: Hacienda
Year built: 2005
Bedrooms: 5
Bathrooms: 3.5
Community: Rancho El Dorado
Features: Guest suite, granite counters, many upgrades, spacious floor plan and self-cleaning swimming pool
Seller’s agent: Brian Neugebauer, RE/MAX Excalibur
Buyer’s agent: Raymond Lambert, HomeSmart

2. 22077 N. Cline Court, Rancho El Dorado, $375,000
3. 42450 W. Corvalis Lane, Glennwilde, $295,700
4. 42429 W. Chimayo Drive, Glennwilde, $295,000
5. 40931 W. Hopper Drive, Homestead North, $290,000

This item appears in the September issue of InMaricopa.

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Jeremy Winegard

By Jeremy Winegard

If you own a home, you’ve probably been curious as to what your home is really worth. After all, it’s the biggest purchase you’ll probably make in your life. So, you hop on to Zillow and you get their “Zestimate” and now you know, right? Not so fast.

Zillow, along with a host of other online Automated Valuation Models (AVMs), are based on algorithms that look for correlations between property data and calculate a value based on that information. Simply put, this algorithm allows visitors to quickly find a home value estimate by just searching an address.

While that’s all well and good, the calculations don’t take into account everything that a true Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) would. For example, what about that $30,000 backyard that you had put in? The $15,000 in upgrades you made in the kitchen? And the unique size or location of your lot? Probably most importantly, how does your home compare to a similar home in your neighborhood that has actually sold?

“Zestimates” and other AVMs don’t really dig into those facts. But a CMA that’s put together by a Realtor will.

To get an in-depth understanding of what your home’s true value is, and what the market will actually bear, you should contact a Realtor who can put together a CMA that is customized for your home. This gives you the best, most detailed and most accurate valuation based on all of the facts of the property.

And when you decide to sell, basing your list price suggested by the CMA greatly increases the odds that the buyer’s appraisal will support your asking price. Remember, if an appraisal comes in lower than the asking price, the bank will not make the loan.

If you’re curious about your home’s value, whether you’re looking to sell right away or not, feel free to contact me. People are genuinely curious about their home’s value, and I’m more than happy to help them get the facts they need.

Jeremy Winegard is a Realtor and accredited buyer’s representative with Revelation Real Estate.

This column appears in the August issue of InMaricopa.

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Photo by Mason Callejas

The most expensive home sold in Maricopa from June 16 through July 15 was a two-story, five-bedroom house in Rancho El Dorado that went for $380,000. With one owner since it was built in 2002, it was on the market just over a month. It sold for $1,000 over its list price. The 4,000-square-foot home is on a 12,000-square-foot lot that overlooks the golf course and has a private pool.

1. 43304 W. Little Drive

Sold: June 24
Purchase price: $380,000
Square feet: 3,958
Price per square foot: $96.05
Days on market: 42
Builder: Hacienda
Year built: 2002
Bedrooms: 5
Bathrooms: 3
Community: Rancho El Dorado
Features: Three fireplaces, pebble tech pool with waterfall, patio, bedrooms on both floors, RV gate, three-car garage, surround sound, entertainment bar, granite countertops, water softener
Seller’s agent: Tamra K. Yelavich, Re/Max
Buyer’s agent: Brian French, The Maricopa Real Estate Company

2. 18359 N. Falcon Lane, Glennwilde, $335,000
3. 21841 N. Celtic Ave., Cobblestone Farms, $310,000
4. 44557 W. Garden Lane, Cobblestone Farms, $299,900
5. 20226 N. Madison Drive, The Villages at Rancho El Dorado, $299,000

This item appears in the August issue of InMaricopa.

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Photo by Mason Callejas

The least expensive home sold in Maricopa from June 16 through July 15 was a short sale in Senita that sold for $110,000 in two days. Considered to be in fairly good condition but needing a little work, it has four bedrooms in its 2,275 square feet. The 5,000-square-foot lot has desert landscaping in front and dirt in back.

1.       43299 W. Elizabeth Ave. 

Sold: June 29

Purchase price: $110,000

Square feet: 2,275

Price per square foot: $48.35

Days on market: 2

Builder: Pulte

Year built: 2006

Bedrooms: 4

Bathrooms: 2.5

Community: Senita

Features: Patio area, laminate flooring, eat-in kitchen, two-car garage, basic amenities

Seller’s agent: Mario Beltran Espinoza, neXGen Real Estate

Buyer’s agent: Mario Beltran Espinoza, neXGen Real Estate


2. 40740 W. Sanders Way, Homestead, $125,000

3. 41158 W. Granada Drive, Glennwilde, $126,000

4. 41322 W. Lucera Lane, Glennwilde, $130,000

5. 36029 W. Velazquez Drive, Tortosa, $130,000

This item appears in the August issue of InMaricopa.

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Photo by Mason Callejas
The most expensive home sold in Maricopa from May 16 to June 15 is a waterfront lot in Province with four bedrooms and an in-laws quarters. Selling for its list price of $400,000, the 11-year-old house was on the market more than a year and sold for 10.6 percent less than its previous sale two years ago. The property first sold in 2010 for $269,000.
1. 42463 W. Blue Suede Shoes Lane

Sold: June 15
Purchase price: $400,000
Square feet: 3,173
Price per square foot: $126
Days on market: 441
Builder: Engle
Year built: 2006
Bedrooms: 4
Bathrooms: 4
Community: Province
Features: Two master suites, three-car garage, covered back patio with gas fire pit, four bathrooms, upgrades
Seller’s agent: William G. Menkhus, HomeSmart
Buyer’s agent: Chris Levally, Launch Real Estate

2. 21884 N. Olson Court, Rancho El Dorado, $379,500
3. 2226 N. Reinbold Drive, Rancho El Dorado, $370,000
4. 40955 W. Hopper Drive, Homestead North, $355,000
5. 22129 N. Cline Court, Rancho El Dorado, $352,500

This article appears in the July issue of InMaricopa.

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Photo by Mason Callejas

The least expensive home sold in Maricopa from May 16 to June 15 went for 21.7 percent above its previous sale price but $20,000 below its asking price. The three-bedroom home in Homestead has an open design for a spacious feel. The 1,500-square-foot house sits on a 6,000-square-foot lot and sold the day it went on the market.

 1.       40740 W. Sanders Way

Sold: May 19
Purchase price: $125,000
Square feet: 1,527
Price per square foot: $81.85
Days on market: 0
Builder: DR Horton
Year built: 2010
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 2

Community: Homestead
Features: Covered patio, kitchen appliances, vaulted ceilings, marble bath tops, birch cabinets, master bath with double sinks
Seller’s agent: Kum Ran Han, HomeSmart Success
Buyer’s agent: Marc Montgomery, HomeSmart Success

2. 42551 W. Colby Drive, Rancho El Dorado, $129,000
3. 36516 W. La Paz St., Tortosa, $130,000
4. 19271 N. Toledo Ave., Tortosa, $130,000
5. 21272 N. Duncan Drive, Rancho El Dorado, $130,000

This article appears in the July issue of InMaricopa.