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With teachers and staff always in demand, Maricopa Unified School District held its annual job fair in the district office Saturday. The effort is to fill certified and classified positions for next school. Future job fairs will also be hosted by Leading Edge Academy and the upcoming A+ Charter Schools.


Leading Edge Academy. Photo by Kyle Norby

Make sure your resumes are updated and your schedule is cleared because Leading Edge Academy is preparing to host two teacher job fairs.

Leading Edge Academy will be hosting two Teacher Job Fairs this spring, one at their Gilbert campus for positions throughout the network and another at their Maricopa location focusing on hiring for that campus specifically. The Maricopa Campus Job Fair will occur on Thursday, Feb. 27 from 4 to 6 p.m. Positions include elementary, secondary and special education.

Leading Edge Academy is a 15-year-old network of charter schools with six locations throughout the valley servicing over 1,700 students. Attendees are encouraged to schedule an interview appointment by calling the Leading Edge Academy Network office at 480-633-0414 or by emailing


Photos by Kyle Norby

Maricopa’s Senior Info/Expo was Saturday at Copper Sky Multigenerational Complex and included workshops, organizations, vendors, resources, blood-pressure checks, hearing tests and food. Pinal County’s animal shelter also had dogs for adoption during the event.

Brady McMullen. Photos by Kyle Norby

In the longest Spelling Bee MUSD has held, Maricopa Wells middle schooler Brady McMullen came out on top in the annual event with the word “Rhubarb.”

After 10 full rounds, 24 contestants were wittled down to two. Nine more rounds were fought between McMullen and Graciela Guerra from Desert Wind Middle School and continued until one could spell the competitor’s failed word plus their own given word. Guerra and McMullen were evenly matched during the competition.

Words like “beguile,” “feign” and “froufrou” shook up the two spellers until McMullen correctly spelled “bellwether” and “rhubarb.”

“I’m surprised I was able to spell 10 words wrong and still win,” Brady, a seventh grader, said with a chuckle. “Honestly I just feel bad for Ms. Anderson because I made her stand for 19 rounds.”

Graciela Guerra was second place, and Henry Haro from Maricopa Elementary landed third. The top three winners will be competing in the county spelling bee planned to be held in San Tan Valley on Feb. 14. Bella Hennings and Malique Jones received spots as alternates for the upcoming competition.

Other students participating in the district spelling bee Thursday morning were Jack McMullen, Kiondra Minter, Beckett Butters, Carter Hill, Summer Mathers, Ashley Schriver, Daveon Moore, Sean Sheridan, Antonio Servian, Pate Justin, Kimora Holloway, Aubrey Bradshaw, Rebecca Harrington, Lincoln Morales, Dhalia Torres, Everett Jones, Rylie Arguijo, Patrick Pettis and Kimball Jones.

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A colorful sunset over Maricopa.

Another mostly sunny weekend coming to Maricopa, according to the National Weather Service.

Friday has a forecast of increasing clouds during the day with a high near 72. You can expect the night to bring clearer skies and a low of about 41.

Saturday is expected to be sunny with a few clouds and a high near 73. The nighttime low will be near 42 with mostly clear skies.

Sunday is looking to be clear, sunny skies with the high reaching around 74. A partly cloudy night will have a low of about 44.

Monday is much of the same with a high of 71 and a low of 42 come nighttime.

The rest of next week is expected to be consistently sunny with lows at night remaining around the low 40’s.

Capt. Paul Neumann leads his crew in bringing boxes of clothes to F.O.R. Maricopa. Photo by Kyle Norby

A Maricopa food bank received a large donation from the Maricopa Fire/Medical Department in the form of winter clothing.

Engine Company 574 drove to the food bank and donated a total of 350 jackets and sweaters for F.O.R. Maricopa, with Engine Capt. Paul Neumann leading the effort. Neumann received the clothing from multiple elementary schools in the Peoria Unified School District.

“Some of the schools have lost and found, and they really don’t have the outlet for what to do with them,” Neumann said. “My kids go to school in Peoria, so I was like, ‘If you have no needs from right now, I’ve got a community that can use all these.’”

Neumann said he has been picking up clothes from the schools for a few years now, previously bringing them to a crisis center. The school notifies parents and children of lost-and-found items and after an adequate amount of time to retrieve your found items, the school notifies them that the clothing will be donated.

“The ladies at the front office have partnered with me to be the point to pick up,” Neumann said.

F.O.R Maricopa founder Wendy Webb expressed her happiness with the long-time support from the Maricopa Fire Department.

“We love our fire department; they’re amazing. They’ve always been strong supporters of us, and we couldn’t do what we do without all our volunteers and all of our amazing supporters,” Webb said.

“We are proud of our crews for taking the time to give back to the community,” Deputy Fire Chief Brad Pitassi said. “This was a project they took on by themselves and their efforts will improve the lives of those in need of a little extra support this winter.”

(Left to Right) Shannon Reindl, Nancy Macias-Scott, Henry Turner, Kent O’Jon, Liana Bruce Bacashihua

Maricopa Memorial Events awarded checks to organizations who had raised funds for them back in November. The money was raised through the annual Veterans Day 5K Run and 1-Mile Walk at Pacana Park. Organizations include the Maricopa Veterans Care Center, The Letters to Soldiers Club, AZ Seals Swim Club,  VFW Post 12043 and American Legion Post 133. Maricopa Memorial Events donated a total of $700 to local organizations.

Shannon Reindl, Nancy Macias-Scott, Henry Turner, Heather Blakely, Liana Bruce Bacashihua
Shannon Reindl, Nancy Macias-Scott, Henry Turner, Coach Laura Logan, Liana Bruce Bacashihua


Shannon Reindl, Nancy Macias-Scott, Henry Turner, Liana Bruce Bacashihua

Kristopher Mikell

Kristopher Guarajado Mickell, a 15-year-old boy from Maricopa, was stabbed to death today in Phoenix, according to Phoenix Police Department.

Phoenix PD said Mickell was rushed to the hospital in extremely critical condition and was later pronounced dead at the hospital. Mickell was recently involved with the Maricopa Police Department in a stolen vehicle incident.

No suspects have been identified yet, and police have not explained what led to the stabbing in the area of 43rd Avenue and Indian School Road. Mickell has an older brother and family still residing in Maricopa.

If you have any information, please call the Phoenix Police Department or Silent Witness at 480-WITNESS.

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Chamber of Commerce Community Awards 2016

Maricopa has a growing business community as well as organizations with resources to help business owners build their companies.

Maricopa Chamber of Commerce
19756 N. John Wayne Parkway, Suite 100

Maricopa Chamber of Commerce is “an organization of business leaders who work to improve their community and the area’s business climate,” in hopes it “strengthens the community by identifying needs, problems and opportunities.”

The organization also directs residents to local resources and visitors to tourism information.

An elected volunteer board of directors governs the Maricopa Chamber. The organization is dependent on the support of its 300 members and their involvement.

Maricopa Economic Development Alliance
P.O. Box 1703, Maricopa AZ 85139

Per its mission statement, the “Maricopa Economic Development Alliance is Maricopa’s private-public partnership for economic development. As a 501(c)3 corporation, the organization champions strategies and solutions that foster economic growth and prosperity in the City of Maricopa by bringing together the business, government, education and civic sectors to identify and advance forward-looking policies that facilitate investment, growth and workforce development.”

MEDA’s governing board includes executives of Maricopa’s largest businesses representing financial institutions, health-care facilities, education and utilities. Members of the Maricopa City Council, city management and Economic Development department serve on the board as well.

Central Arizona College Small Business Developmental Center
17945 Regent Drive, A Building

Small Business Development Centers provide technical assistance to small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs. Working through CAC, the Casa Grande center runs an office on the Maricopa campus to foster local and regional economic development. As a result of the no-cost business advising, low-cost training and other specialized services SBDC clients receive, the program remains one of the nation’s largest small business assistance programs in the federal government.


Tells officers strategy for targeting homes

Michael Avitia (PCSO)

Michael Avitia, 19, was arrested Tuesday on a recommended charge of second-degree burglary of a home on Alamendras Street in Acacia Crossings that was burglarized back in March.

Dec. 12, Maricopa Police Department received a scientific examination report which identified Avitia’s fingerprints on the north exterior patio window and window screen at the targeted home. When the house was burglarized, the victim identified 10 items being stolen with a combined value of $3,885.

An officer made contact with Avitia at a park Tuesday on Alamendras Street and Gatun Avenue, where police proceeded to interview him. Avitia told officers he was trying to “help some people” who he was unable to identify other than the fact they lived in Phoenix. Avitia allegedly told officers he had been watching multiple homes in Maricopa and identified two of them as good targets to burglarize.

He stated he learned the residents of the home’s schedule and knew when they would leave for work. He also noted that they had nice cars, which led him to assume they had expensive items in their home.

According to the police report, officers learned Avitia’s strategy to get into the home. He allegedly threw a rock to break the window after attempting to remove the screens where his fingerprints were found. Avitia stated he burglarized another home on Gavilan Drive by prying open the backyard sliding glass door with a crowbar.

Avitia allegedly told MPD he was working with a Phoenix “crew,” who paid him $100 to burglarize homes and turn over all stolen goods to them. Avitia stated he lived in Phoenix but relocated to Maricopa for a while and would tell the crew about the easy targets he found. When questioned about the identity of the crew, Avitia told police he did not know any names because they only go by “unknown nicknames.”

Michael Avitia was arrested and booked into Pinal County Jail.


Richard Wactler (PCSO)

Richard Wactler, 78, was arrested Jan. 2 on recommended charges of threatening/intimidating and disorderly conduct.

Around 1 p.m. Wactler entered the Check Into Cash title loan shop on North John Wayne Parkway near Fry’s Marketplace. The store clerk claimed Wactler told him he had a gun.

The clerk told police Wactler asked him if “he knew what a gun was.” The clerk asked if he was being threatened, to which Wactler responded it was real. Upon MPD’s arrival, after an emergency call was made, Wactler was questioned by officers.

Wactler claimed he actually told the clerk if someone tried to take his truck, he would shoot them. He also allegedly told the clerk he would break the window in the title loan building and shoot whoever stole money out of his bank account.

Wactler specified he would shoot them but not kill them, according to the report.

Richard Wactler was booked into Pinal County Jail.

Photo by Kyle Norby

Hometown: Omaha, Nebraska
Maricopan since: 2010
Occupation: Realtor/Manager and team leader for My Home Group
Family: Wife Kwim, son Kyler, 8, and daughter, Kylisse, 20 months
Cars: 2016 Audi
Hobbies: Spending time with family and vacation sports
Pet peeve: Eating food in the bedroom
Dream vacation: World Cup
Like most about Maricopa: All the nice people and small town feel
Like least about Maricopa: No complaints here

Realtor and family man Brian French has had a lot of changes in his busy life. He has retired from coaching soccer after 17 years, married and even departed the Maricopa Real Estate Company. French is now focused on opening his own brokerage in January 2020 and is determined as ever to continue serving his clients in the Maricopa community any way he can.

Now working as a team leader and manager for the fastest growing residential real estate brokerage in the country, My Home Group, French made it clear his goals and intentions are still the same.

“We help people buy, sell and invest in homes,” he said. “I love helping people out, I love taking care of people. I’m also a super-honest guy. I don’t sugarcoat anything. If your house smells, I’m gonna tell you it smells.”

French is excited to bring the My Home Group brand to Maricopa with his office going in the space that used to be a counseling and treatment center in The Shops at Maricopa business complex.

“A lot of these places, they don’t tell their agents how to succeed or try to help them,” French explained. “I’ll help them, and My Home Group will help them. We don’t hide anything we want people to succeed and that’s what I like about it. I’ve joined other brokerages and they don’t tell you anything.”

French’s office also pays for training classes in many sections of real estate to maintain a well-trained team of agents.

Brian has recently gotten married and has grown his family of one child to two.

“I’m remarried to my wife Kwin. She is Filipina. She’s a teacher at a high school in Casa Grande,” French said with a smile. They now have a 20-month-old daughter together named Kylisse.

Brian French with wife Kwin, son Kyler and daughter Kylisse. Submitted photo

Brian and Kwin plan to have a bigger wedding in the Philippines over the summer and have already had a vision of more children in the future.

Brian cited that some of his success and love for the city of Maricopa comes from his roots in Omaha.

“I’m from Nebraska, so small-town people are super-nice there, and Maricopa reminds me of Nebraska.” French said. “It’s one of the safest cities in Arizona and probably one of the best for families.”

Maricopans that have been clients of Brian in the past have come to call him a friend. A past home seller and buyer, Chandra Gilbert, recalled her emotional time working with French.

“My husband passed away while we were selling our home in Rancho. I haven’t talked about it much,” Gilbert said. “Brian is dear to my heart. He was able to sell my home and get me in a house in Homestead that was the perfect fit for me.”

Chandra said she is thankful to have Brian in her life and will never forget how he helped her through tragedy. She is one of many clients French has kept relationships with well beyond the paperwork being signed.

With Maricopa’s growth expected to double in the next 10 years, there is no shortage of work in the real estate business. Working in sales for over 20 years and real estate for five, French is still learning every day. He said if you are not listening and willing to try new things, you are not doing your best.

“I listen to everybody and anybody on my team.” French said. “I don’t ever worry about what other people are doing; I just worry about myself and my team.”

French reflected on how he believed the real estate industry as a whole should work.

“If you’re not making any money, who cares?” he said. “Don’t worry about the money. If you just help people, the money will come,” French said.

Brian French’s My Home Group office is slated to open Jan. 25.


This story appears in the January issue of InMaricopa.

Tyler Becking (PCSO)

A Maricopa man was arrested Saturday on recommended charges of burglary, three counts of disorderly conduct, unlawful imprisonment and threatening/intimidating.

Tyler Becking, 24, entered a residence on Alicia Court in Smith Farms around 1:40 a.m., according to the Maricopa Police Department report. He entered the home through an open window in a downstairs bedroom, where a woman was smoking a cigarette. MPD described the woman as Becking’s target. Once he was inside, the woman later told police, Becking blocked her access to the door and locked it to prevent her from fleeing.

Becking allegedly told her, “I’ll hurt you if you try to leave.”

In fear of her safety and well-being, the woman stated she stayed in the room with Becking for approximately two hours. In this time, Becking allegedly drank an entire bottle of alcohol.

The woman was able to convince Becking to let her use the bathroom next to the bedroom. She told police she locked herself in the bathroom and hid under the sink. Becking reportedly began banging on the bathroom door, causing the woman to scream, alerting roommates upstairs. They proceeded to call 911.

When officers arrived on the scene, Becking was heavily intoxicated in the woman’s bedroom, according to the report. Becking was placed under arrest and booked into Pinal County Jail.

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Pinal County

Adult Probation

Air Quality


Animal Control


Board of Supervisors

Budget Office

Clerk of the Superior Court
971 N. Jason Lopez Circle, Building A
Florence, AZ  85132

Community Development

County Attorney

County Manager

Emergency Management


Environmental Health



Finance & Purchasing


Hearing Office


Human Resources

Information Technology

Internal Audit  

Judicial Branch/Courts
971 N. Jason Lopez Circle, Building A
Florence, AZ  85132

Juvenile Court Services


Medical Examiner

News and Information

Open Space and Trails 

Public Defender

Public Fiduciary

Public Health

Public Works    


Risk Management   

School Superintendent


Special Services

Superior Court 
971 N. Jason Lopez Circle, Building A
Florence, AZ  85132


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Maricopa City Court

Maricopa courts hear cases from within the city limits and the surrounding unincorporated area. Cases on Ak-Chin Indian Community land are heard in Tribal Court. Superior Court is in Florence, where the county detention centers are located.

Maricopa Municipal Court
Magistrate Lyle Riggs
19955 N. Wilson Ave.

Western Pinal Justice Court
Justice of the Peace Lyle Riggs
19955 N. Wilson Ave.

Ak-Chin Tribal Court
Chief Judge Brian Burke
45525 W. Farrell Road

County Judicial Branch/Courts (Superior Court)
Presiding Judge Stephen McCarville

Juvenile Court Services
Director Denise Smith

Clerk of the Superior Court
Clerk Amanda Stanford

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MHS Orchestra

Although there is no central location for the arts in Maricopa, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy cultural events in the city. Three dedicated spaces feature artwork from local artists of various media. Musical, theatrical, dance and chorale performances are also a cultural staple in Maricopa and are curated by local artistic organizations.

The region’s rich Native American history is displayed on the walls of the Ak-Chin Him-Dak EcoMuseum, and the Maricopa Historical Society works to preserve the city’s past through its monthly meetings and cultural events.

Maricopa Arts Council
Co-directors: Judith Lang Zaimont, Susan Cameron, David Vargas, Angelina Martin

Art Gallery Space

Maricopa City Hall
Seasonal rotating gallery
39700 W. Civic Center Plaza

History and Culture

Ak-Chin Him-Dak EcoMuseum and Archives
Director Elaine Peters
47685 N. EcoMuseum Road

Maricopa Historical Society
President Paul Shirk


Desert Sun Performing Arts
Director Ceylan Gentilella
19756 N. John Wayne Parkway


Maricopa Music Circle
Co-founder Judith Lanh Zaimont

Maricopa Chorus
Artistic Director Don Raflik

Performing Arts

Maricopa Community Theatre
Artistic Director Carrie Vargas

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Toma Fitzgerald and Terry Leamon of My Maricopa Plumber.

By Terry Leamon
My Maricopa Plumber

Reverse osmosis (RO) is a water purification process that uses a partially permeable membrane to remove ions, unwanted molecules and larger particles from drinking water. RO systems have four components.

Larger particles, such as silt, rust and scale, are removed by the prefilter. This extends the life of your system and allows the semipermeable membrane to attack smaller particles.

The center of the system, the RO membrane allows hydrogen and oxygen to pass through the microscopic pores. Dissolved solids too small to have been caught by the prefilter are removed from the water and flushed to the drain.

Final Polish
Water flows from the membrane to holding tank, which stores the clean water until your turn on your faucet. But before the water is dispensed, it flows through one more state of filtration. An activated carbon filter removes any remaining tastes and orders, delivering only the freshest, cleanest water possible.

Fast Recovery
The fast recovery system refills your tank quickly, producing enough water for all your needs. Certified for peace of mind.

Our go-to reverse osmosis system manufacturer is Ultima. All Ultima RO systems are built-to-order and use only the highest quality components on the market.

Ultima ROs are built in the United States. Every system is tested for water quality and structural integrity. Do not make the mistake of saving a few dollars and buying a system of inferior materials that is not tested for quality.

Ultima ROs produce great-tasting water and eliminate the need to keep buying bottled water. This means your RO will pay for itself in a short amount of time. That’s why, with over 500,000 sold, Ultima ROs are a great choice.

Green RO 5 stage is the newest technology. It wastes one-third the water of a normal RO and produces up to 75 gallons per day. It boasts the highest quality components, a 3.2-gallon storage tank and a standard chrome faucet with the option to upgrade to another finish or style.

For more information on RO systems, give My Maricopa Plumber a call.

This column appears in the November issue of InMaricopa.

Denise Lewis (PCSO)

Police arrested Denise Lewis, 37, on Dec. 16 for an outstanding shoplifting warrant. However, MPD were contacting Lewis for another reason entirely.

Around noon, a Maricopa detective was stopped by a citizen who claimed they witnessed someone throw a dog out of their vehicle near John Wayne Parkway and Farrell Road. The detective notified MPD dispatch and officers subsequently conducted a traffic stop on a black SUV. 

When police approached the vehicle, they were met by two occupants, Lewis and another woman who identified themselves to police. The women were questioned about the dog allegedly being thrown out of their vehicle. Both women denied the allegations.

Police dispatch notified the officers of Lewis’ outstanding shoplifting warrant from the City of Maricopa. Lewis was placed under arrest and booked into Pinal County Jail.

At this time, no additional information is available about an animal allegedly being ejected from a vehicle.



If you are a customer who mails in your payment to Global Water every month, make sure to update the mailing address. The water company issued a press release today to all customers about the change:

“Global Water’s payment mailing address has changed. Please make sure your mailed payments are sent to the correct address. The new address for mailed payments is:

PO Box 29072
MSC 771
Phoenix, AZ 85038

If you mail your water and/or sewer payment to Global Water, make sure the payment stub reflects the address shown above. A sample payment stub with the correct address is shown below. If you receive your bill after 12/19/2019 the payment stub will have the updated address.

If you use your bank’s auto-pay system to mail your payment, please update the mailing address with your bank. If you do not update the mailing address with your bank check pay, your payment could be sent to our old address and therefore returned. The payment will continue to go to the old address and be returned to you until you update the address in your bank’s bill pay service.

If you send a payment to the old address and it arrives after 12/31/2019, it may be returned to you or your bank in the mail. If your payment is returned, please re-send it to the updated address shown above or you can drop it off at our office in Maricopa.”

You can still pay online at, pay at our office, or call 866-940-1102 to make a payment. You can email questions to”

View the Press Release for more details on the transition.

Juan Ibarra (PCSO)

Juan Ibarra, 24, was arrested Dec. 8 on suspected charges of domestic violence assault and three counts of disorderly conduct.

MPD responded to a call at a home on West Cheyenne Court in Glennwilde from a woman who told officers her brother Juan Ibarra was disturbing the family and threatening to assault them.

When police arrived, Ibarra was located in the upstairs bathroom of the home. According to the officer’s report, Ibarra was verbally aggressive with officers, allegedly telling them he would fight them and told them to shoot him, not letting them into the bathroom.

After multiple attempts to end the interaction peacefully, police forced the door open, with Ibarra telling them to “come get him.” According to the report police forcefully detained Ibarra on the floor of the hallway and brought him downstairs for further questioning.

Down the street, police met with Ibarra’s sister, who made the emergency call. She told the officers the whole incident began when she picked up Ibarra and their older brother from a bar in Chandler. She said her two children were in the vehicle as well. When they drove back to Maricopa, they stopped at the Circle K near their home on Porter Road.

After Ibarra used the restroom at the gas station, he came back out and allegedly hit the car next to them with the passenger door when he opened it. The woman said Ibarra began yelling at the occupants of the car he hit and insisted they parked too close. She told her Ibarra to calm down and stop yelling, to which he responded he would “knock her teeth out.”

The woman told Ibarra he could walk home and left him at Circle K.

Once the woman, her children and her older brother got to the house, Ibarra was already approaching. They later reported he was still yelling and threatening to assault her. The older brother stood between her and Ibarra and then took him to the ground by wrapped himself around him from the back.

The woman stated Ibarra began swinging and punching the older brother in an attempt to get free, hitting him a few times in the head. After this altercation, the woman drove her two kids to another home to call MPD.

Ibarra was transported to Pinal County Jail.

Richard Kruse (PCSO)

Richard Kruse, 75, was arrested Nov. 27 at a residence on North Bishop Drive on suspected charges of aggravated assault strangulation.

Kruse’s daughter reported she and her father got into an argument in their home on North Bishop Drive in the late afternoon of Nov. 26. According to reports from police, the argument began when Kruse confronted his daughter for paying rent for an ex-boyfriend who lived out of state. The amount was allegedly $400.

The woman stated that the interaction became so bad that she turned on the audio recording function on her phone and placed it on a bathroom counter to document the argument. At some point during the incident, Kruse allegedly took the woman’s phone and demanded to talk with the ex-boyfriend about the money he was receiving from her.

The woman told Kruse he didn’t have her permission to take her phone and slapped him in the face when he refused to give it back. She told police Kruse wrapped his arm around the back of her neck, placing her in a “headlock.”

Kruse allegedly held his daughter in the headlock so tight she eventually lost consciousness.

The woman regained consciousness and bit Kruse on his side while trying to free herself. Kruse released her, and the woman got her phone back from him, but claimed Kruse grabbed her again, this time choking her with both of his hands around her throat.

The woman stayed conscious and Kruse fled prior to MPD’s arrival on the scene. He later returned and gave officers a statement.

The woman gave police the audio recording from her phone, which including Kruse saying, “you’re going to end up dead.” Police were also able to hear the woman struggling to breathe and talk in the recording. The woman was examined and referred to an ER for further evaluation.

Police contacted Kruse the following day, and he allegedly admitted to placing his daughter in a headlock but claimed it was only to restrain her after she hit him. He claimed he knew that the situation went too far and took responsibility for the altercation. Kruse, however, denied putting his hands on her neck and choking her the second time.

Richard Kruse was booked into Pinal County Jail.

Farrand Thompson (PCSO)

Update: Upon being released from jail on Dec. 5, Farrand Thompson allegedly attempted to contact his wife via text messages and FaceTime. This was a violation of his release conditions.

Thompson’s wife reported the attempted contact to MPD, who verified the text was from Thompson. Police took Thompson into custody on Dec. 6. While questioning him, officers made Thompson aware of his release violation. Thompson allegedly admitted to the text message and FaceTime call but told officers it was an accident. He claimed he inadvertently  FaceTimed her while reading a text she sent the night after he was arrested. He also claimed the text to her regarding getting some of his things from the home was meant for a friend.

Farrand Thompson, 35, was arrested Nov. 30 on multiple domestic violence charges including strangulation, assault, disorderly conduct and preventing the use of a telephone in an emergency.

Maricopa Police responded to a home on West Bonneau Street in Smith Farms in reference to an assault. Officers met with a woman who was, “visibly distraught and crying.” She had come out of a neighboring house and could be seen limping, according to the report.

She stated her husband Farrand Thompson tried to kill her.

Police observed multiple marks all over the woman. She had several scratches two to three inches in length on her forearm and up to five more scratches on her bicep. Officers reported the woman’s shirt was torn, with marks on her hip allegedly from being dragged and marks from choking around her neck.

She stated she believed Thompson was going to kill her by choking her. She told MPD she was choked in the kitchen of her home, blacked out and woke up in the hallway.

Police found Thompson in the house. He claimed he only tried to push her out of the home and nothing else.

The woman was transported to be treated for her injuries and Farrand Thompson was placed under arrest and booked in Pinal County Jail.

Jesse Coria (PCSO)

Jesse Coria, 21, was identified as the “unwanted subject” attempting to make entry into multiple Rancho El Dorado homes Tuesday.

MPD arrived on the 21500 block of North Backus Drive, resulting in multiple calls from residents. One resident allegedly displayed a weapon when Coria refused to leave. Officers reported giving several commands to Coria to turn back and come to police, but he allegedly failed to obey.

While walking up the driveway to another home, Maricopa Police “went hands-on” after multiple orders to get down on the ground, Coria continued to not listen to the officers. MPD deployed a taser into Coria’s left lower back, and officers were then able to bring him into custody.

After being evaluated by Maricopa Fire/Medical Department, Jesse Coria was processed and booked into Pinal County Jail on three charges of disorderly conduct.

Rachele Reese (right) chats with Mayor Christian Price at the groundbreaking for A+ Charter Schools for grades 7-12. Photo by Kyle Norby

A+ Charter Schools broke ground today on a facility for grades 7-12 after an almost year-long hiatus. The ceremony was met with applause and a crowd full of high spirits with the school finally making its way to Maricopa.

“It is an honor for me to be here today after three years of hard work from so many of us,” said Principal Rachele Reese.

Many city officials, including Mayor Christian Price, were in attendance for the ceremony as well as parents and children who have long supported the new school.

Concept art of phase one of this project features a two-story facility that will be located west of Banner Health on Allen Stephens Parkway.

Reese cited the mayor’s “city of dreams” ideology in the most recent State of the City address as inspiration to complete the school and keep powering on. “When I look at our beautiful logo, I see an opportunity for real transformation in our educational system that is so much to advance our community’s plan to be a city of dreams.”

More information on A+ Charter Schools can be found here.

Crishna Gonzalez (PCSO)

Chrishna Gonzalez, 20, was arrested Nov. 24 on expected charges of disorderly conduct.

Maricopa police responded to a report of a domestic disturbance in The Lakes at Rancho El Dorado around noon. Neighbors of a residence on Liles Lane placed the call after hearing a “verbal altercation.” Gonzalez lived at the home in question with her boyfriend and his mother.

An officer arrived near the scene but stayed in the police vehicle nearby, waiting for additional units. They reported seeing someone at the home throwing objects onto the front lawn and porch area. The officer continued watching when two subjects were seen getting physical. They were later determined to be Gonzalez and her boyfriend’s mother.

Police approached the home and the two women went back inside. Officers announced their presence and entered the house. They spoke with the boyfriend’s mother, who stated that Gonzalez had hit her son.

Officers found the boyfriend lying on the stairs, “clutching his side.”

Police located Gonzalez in her bedroom and told her they needed some questions answered. While gathering information from her, police reported Gonzalez made a phone call to her grandmother and began raising her voice at her over the phone.

When police told Gonzalez to end her call, she allegedly stood up and yelled at officers and refused to sit down. She was handcuffed by officers and began screaming uncontrollably, they reported.

Gonzalez’s boyfriend told police she pushed him while he was on the staircase, causing him to fall. He said he suffered from a spinal disorder. Officers found no reportable injuries on the man, resulting in no assault charges because of the conflicting statements.

After a follow-up with Maricopa Police Department, long-form charges were submitted against Crishna Gonzalez.

Richard Cervantez, 22, was arrested Sunday on an expected charge of auto theft that occurred on Nov. 18 in Santa Rosa Springs.

A Maricopa woman called Maricopa Police Department Nov. 18 to report her vehicle being stolen. She said it was taken without her permission by Cervantez.

The woman stated that she arrived at a residence on North Cielo Lane to pick up Cervantez “as a favor.” She said she left her vehicle running when she went to the front door of the residence.

While speaking to another person in the household, she saw Cervantez getting into her vehicle. She yelled to Cervantez to not take her vehicle, and he allegedly drove off anyway.

Officers took the woman’s information and statement, logging the vehicle as stolen. The woman’s phone was still in the car, allowing police to track the vehicle through the phone’s GPS.

Cervantez and the vehicle ended up approximately an hour and a half away in Marana. Police recovered the vehicle as well as Cervantez, who was immediately placed into custody for an active warrant. Officers located the vehicle with the assistance of a passenger that was with Cervantez, who showed officers where they bailed from the vehicle in an attempt to hide from authorities. This passenger is not identified in the police report.


Autumn Terrio and Henry DeCook. (PCSO)

Autumn Terrio, 26, and Henry DeCook, 29, were arrested around 3 a.m. Friday on suspected charges of third-degree burglary, possession of marijuana, methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia.

Maricopa Police Department received reports of a suspected burglary in the early hours of Friday, with reports stating an unidentified male in a red pickup truck was attempting to open unoccupied car doors in the location on North Bishop Drive in Rancho El Dorado.

Officers were able to find the red pickup truck near Bishop Drive and West Hall Drive. Police identified the driver of the truck as Autumn Terrio. A man in the passenger seat matched the description given by reporting parties. He identified himself as James Dixon but was later discovered to be Henry Decook.

Terrio allegedly told officers that Decook instructed her to pull up at two or three houses so he could check the yards and didn’t see him return with stolen items from the yard. She also claimed she did not want to do it in fear of getting in trouble, but they argued, and she finally agreed to drive.

When searching the vehicle, police found cannabis oil along with marijuana. Terrio allegedly claimed she had a medical card for marijuana, but she did not have it, making her unable to show officers.

Additionally, officers reportedly uncovered “usable quantities” of methamphetamine in the truck’s glove compartment. Terrio denied owning or even knowing about the meth.

Terrio and Decook were arrested and booked in Pinal County Jail.

Photo by Kyle Norby

First responders arrived on the scene of a pedestrian struck by a vehicle at the trafficway leading into the Sequoia Pathway parking lot Monday afternoon.

The victim was reported to be a 13-year-old male.

On the scene, the boy could be seen having trouble standing on his right leg, but no serious injuries were reported at this time. The collision was at low speed, according to reports.

“The 13-year-old ran into the trafficway,” Maricopa Police Department spokesman Ricardo Alvarado stated. “No impairment is suspected at this time on either party.”


Victor Jones received an artificial heart in October. Submitted photo

A Maricopa man is fighting for his life.

Victor Jones, 54, and his wife Robin have had a stressful few months, to say the least. At the end of September, a routine hospital visit to check Victor’s levels on a blood pressure medication uncovered inevitable heart failure.

“Victor has a history of high blood pressure and that started in 2015,” Robin said. “He also has the hereditary factor, because his father also had a heart transplant, at the age of 48.”

Robin recalled their experience going to Banner University Medical Center in Phoenix to speak with Victor’s doctor about his medication no longer being efficient enough for him. After doctors took a few tests, Victor was placed under observation. They found his blood pressure was dropping drastically.

Doctors determined Victor’s heart had become enlarged from his high blood pressure, resulting in what could become heart failure. The heart team determined immediate surgery was necessary.

With a long waiting list for hearts, doctors needed to install a TAH (total artificial heart). This temporary heart is used as a replacement and can last four years, depending on the circumstances. TAH takes over the work the failed heart could not perform, keeping Jones alive and functioning until a permanent heart becomes available for full transplantation.

The artificial heart was placed Oct. 5, with Victor being put into a medical coma due to the nature of the surgery and for the healing of a collapsed lung.

Robin Jones expressed her exhaustion with the long days and nights at the hospital on top of juggling personal responsibilities like driving her grandsons to and from school and getting enough sleep. She is also working for MUSD in the health office of Saddleback Elementary.

“I’m traveling constantly,” Robin said. “I’m here almost 24/7, so I am just functioning from day to day. It’s been a roller coaster.”

Robin and Victor Jones. Submitted photo

Even with the stress and worry, a weight was lifted when Victor woke up from his coma about a month later.

“He’s been doing well, he’s progressing,” Robin Jones said. “He’s in high spirits. He was a little confused because he had been asleep so long.”

Robin said she was happy with Victor’s strength and resilience during the process.

“Victor was a veteran. He served in the Army and was also a merchant marine for 15 years,” she said.

In November, Victor Jones sat up on his own and took a few steps for the first time in over a month with help from hospital staff.

Victor and Robin Jones have received unwavering support from friends and family, including special support from their teenage grandsons Darian and Jaylin Abercrombie, who live with them. The boys created an e-sports company called Team Radius and plan on selling custom merchandise to their fans, donating the proceeds toward their grandfather’s medical bills. Victor Jones loves playing videogames with his grandsons, and they often game together in their free time.

Local radio host and vlogger Marc Montgomery had Jaylin, 15, on his radio show to speak about his grandparents and how people can help.

“We’re just selling stuff, like stickers and stuff,” Jaylin said. “You can just buy that, and it’ll help us a lot, to pay off some of the bills we have.”

Montgomery has been a close friend of Victor and the Jones family for several years and wanted to help as well. This came in the form of a page for people to donate to “Grandpa Jones” medical expenses and the heart transplant.

“A very good friend of mine, a close friend of mine, almost died last week,” Montgomery said in October. “Victor was the first person I met a long time ago at Pacana park.”

Despite all the hardships and sleepless nights that have come with Jones’s heart failure, the Jones family and friends remain optimistic and hopeful.

“We’ve got the boys and Marc,” Robin Jones said with a laugh. “And Victor’s doing great right now.”