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Francisco Salazar (PCSO photo)

Francisco Salazar, 30 of Maricopa, was arrested April 28 by Maricopa Police on charges of molestation of a child and sexual conduct with a minor.

According to an MPD probable cause report, a woman contacted police saying Salazar sexually assaulted her daughter “as recently as a few days ago at their residence.”

Apparently, according to the report, Salazar admitted having sex with the minor to at least three people.

“A forensic medical exam was conducted at the San Tan Family Advocacy Center, where the forensic nurse noted an abdominal vaginal exam,” the report states. During a forensic interview it was determined “this had been happening frequently over a long period of time.”

A search of where Salazar lived in Maricopa was conducted, but he was not present. It was determined he was in Mesa and was contacted by phone by a family member. He agreed to return to Maricopa for an interview with police. He was picked up by a family member and brought to the Maricopa Police Department voluntarily.

During the interview, Salazar allegedly admitted to an officer several sexual acts with the minor, according to the report.

He was arrested and booked in the Pinal County Jail, where he is held on a $250,000 bond.

Eric Scott, Jan. 26, 2017, in Latah County, Idaho

The Maricopa Police Department is seeking to charge an Idaho man for multiple child-sex crimes that allegedly occurred while the man briefly lived in Maricopa more than five years ago.

Eric Noel Scott, 47, was arrested Jan. 26 by Idaho State Police in Latah County, Idaho, on charges of rape involving a minor after allegedly confessing to his ex-wife that he had done so over a two-year period, an MPD report said.

Scott’s alleged admission included the period of time from 2011-2012 when he lived in Maricopa, the report stated.

Capt. Lonnie Richardson of the Idaho State Police confirmed his department’s role in Scott’s arrest, but was unable to comment further due to the ongoing investigation.

While being interviewed by Idaho State Police, Scott allegedly made the statement, “It’s hard to describe. The first time I touched [the minor] I was so angry with myself, like, I cannot believe I did that… I was ashamed of myself and the mere temptation, and it just gradually grew in time.”

Latah County court documents indicate Scott posted a $200,000 surety bond on Feb. 1. He is currently free on bail pending trial.

MPD filed its complaint against Scott on June 5, with charges of sexual conduct with a minor and molestation of a child.

InMaricopa is following this story and will provide updates as they become available.

Cody Grace is accused of a sexual assault in Maricopa from a year ago. (PCSO photo)

A Queen Creek man was arrested earlier this month for the alleged rape of a Maricopa woman, a year and three months after the assault took place.

Police records indicate Cody Christopher Grace, 32, was arrested Dec. 15 and charged with the sexual assault of a female Maricopa resident on the morning of Aug. 31, 2015.

According the charges filed by the Maricopa Police Department, after having drinks at True Grit Tavern the night of the incident, Grace and the victim, along with a witness, went to the victim’s Maricopa residence and continued to drink.

In the early morning hours of Aug. 31, Grace allegedly broke into the victim’s locked bedroom and raped the unconscious female.

The victim awoke the next morning to find her bedroom door open. Grace, unable to find his phone anywhere near where he slept, eventually left the residence.

His phone was later found in the victim’s room between the wall and the victim’s bed. In the victim’s room was also a beer bottle that matched a brand that allegedly only Grace had been consuming that night.

A tool was also found on the kitchen counter which was later tested and proven to have been used to open the door. Grace denies the assault took place, though he admitted to using the tool, as well as another that he had thrown on top of a cabinet, to help the victim unlock the door because “she had locked herself out,” the police report said.

After an initial investigation, probable cause was determined and a search warrant was served on Dec. 2, 2015, when DNA was gathered from Grace. Samples from both him and the victim were then sent to an Arizona Department of Public Safety lab for testing.

On Dec. 1, 2016, almost one year later to the day, tests revealed internal and external specimen samples taken from the victim contained Grace’s DNA, indicating the victim had likely been raped, according to the MPD report.

Sexual assault DNA testing labs in Arizona have come under scrutiny in recent years for the excessive backlogs and untested kits. After tremendous media attention, Gov. Doug Ducey signed an executive order in January aimed at assisting Arizona law enforcement with the unusually large number of backlogged and untested rape kits.

It is unclear if the timeline of this arrest was lengthened at all due to backlogs at the DPS lab, or shortened by new found assistance from the governor’s executive order.

InMaricopa.com is continuing to investigate this and other cases of sexual assault, and will follow up when more information as it becomes available.

Andrique Holley

A Maricopa man already indicted on three counts of assault earlier this year now faces a charge of sexual assault stemming from a July 1 incident.

Andrique Holley, 36, has a preliminary hearing on the new charges scheduled for Friday in front of Pinal County Superior Court Judge Lawrence Wharton.

He is accused of sexually assaulting an 18-year-old while she slept. Maricopa Police Department was called to the location around 4:40 p.m. The alleged victim was taken to the Mesa Police Department’s Family Advocacy Center while Maricopa Police officers searched for Holley.

At around 9:23, MPD found Holley hiding in a culvert under a nearby road. After he allegedly refused to comply with officers’ demands to come out of the culvert, MPD used the police K9 to remove him.

According to the police report, Holley had allegedly ingested four bottles of prescription drugs and a large amount of bleach before being found. He was transported to Chandler Regional Medical Center for dog bites and mental evaluation.

Hospital staff released Holley to MPD on July 6, and he was processed in Maricopa. According to the police report, he admitted to the assault. He said he left the home when confronted by the victim’s mother. He told police he took drugs and drank bleach to commit suicide.

He is being held in Pinal County Jail without bail on the sexual assault accusation.

He is also charged with probation violation, with a $1,000 bond.

Holley’s Maricopa troubles started Feb. 1 when he was arrested after a public fracas during which Holley was allegedly intoxicated and dragged a teenage girl to the ground in Glennwilde. That escalated into a fight with bystanders and his indictment on three felony charges and two misdemeanor charges.

A grand jury on Feb. 22 charged Holley with assault for injuring the girl, a Class 1 misdemeanor. He was charged with assault for touching and trying to injure another female, a Class 3 misdemeanor.

Because Holley allegedly punched a man trying to help the teen, “causing … severe laceration to his lip,” he was charged with aggravated assault, a Class 4 felony.

The grand jury also indicted Holley on a charge of resisting arrest and attempted aggravated assault on Officer Daniel Rauch, both Class 6 felonies.

Holley also had a 2014 conviction for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in Maricopa County.