So a student wants to be warm and comfy at school as the coldest weeks of winter arrive. 

Parkas? Just fine. Sweaters? Sure. Sweatshirts? No sweat. 

But blankets? That’s a big no-no, according to Maricopa Unified School District’s dress code.  

Sorry, kid. Leave your precious blankie at home. Not even a stylish wool Pendleton is OK. 

A recent Desert Sunrise High School Instagram post reminds students of that chilling effect. 

“Baby, it’s cold outside! No blankets at school, please,” the post states, with graphics and photos showing what’s acceptable and what’s not. 

Without going undercover, InMaricopa asked school spokesperson Mishell Terry what’s the issue? 

Here’s her blanket statement: 

“The decision to restrict blankets is to maintain a professional environment conducive to learning. Blankets can pose safety concerns, obscure inappropriate behavior, and potentially detract from the educational setting. Our school buildings are climate-controlled, and we encourage students to dress in layers for personal comfort.” 

A Google search reveals that a number of fashions made from blankets are trending. What if an MUSD students arrives at school in a blanket skirt or long sweatshirt fashioned from a blanket? 

“The student would likely be reminded of expectations and encouraged to consider clothing that better aligns with a school setting,” Terry said. “The principal would be the final decision maker in these instances to ensure a fair and consistent approach.” 

MUSD is not alone. Other school districts nationwide have banned blankets for these and other reasons, including the potential tripping hazard.