Michelle Sorensen

Michelle Sorensen  is the Client Loyalty Coordinator for InMaricopa, moving to Arizona from Washington state, where she worked for the Attorney General’s Office.

Hometown: Fremont, California
Resides in: Desert Cedars
Maricopan since: 2013
Occupation: Client Loyalty Coordinator at InMaricopa
Family: Husband and (1) daughter (2) sons
Pets: Previously had chickens, cat and cockatiel. All have now passed on.
Cars: Ford 150 and Passat TDI
Hobbies: Sewing and variety of artwork
Pet peeve: Telling me to “calm down” is the fastest way to tick me off.
Dream vacation: Archipelago of the Azores; home of my great-grandmother
Like most about Maricopa: Weather
Like least about Maricopa: Amtrak blocking the train tracks.

Favorite …
Charity: Heifer International and World Vision
Book: All Idiom books
Movie: True Story movies – NOT based on true story
Actor: Michael Acosta – Nephew
Song: Aaronic Blessing
Musician: Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwo’ole
Team: Seattle Sounders
Athlete: Rollie Fingers, Oakland A’s
Food: Olives
Drink: Tea
Meal: Mediterranean Cuisine
Restaurant: Lucky Dragon, Kalama WA
Getaway: Hawaii
Website: AliveToThriveNow.com
Quote: “By remaining exactly the same today as you were yesterday, you are guaranteeing that tomorrow will be no better than today.” Rabbi Daniel Lapin
Words to live by: Live in such a way that if someone spoke badly of you – no one would believe it.
Joke: “I don’t mind making jokes, but I don’t want to look like one.” Marilyn Monroe
Anything else we should know? Born in Oakland, California. Raised in Oakland and Fremont. Moved to Washington state and worked for the Attorney General’s Office before moving to Maricopa, AZ.

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