Susan Cameron and Brad Kammeyer will talk about the creative process.

Maricopa Arts Council’s first Inside the Creative Mind event for 2018 is Feb. 24 at 2 p.m. at Maricopa Public Library.

The afternoon will be a “Conversation with Two Painters: Susan Cameron and Brad Kammeyer.” The event is free.

Inside the Creative Mind began in 2014 and continues to explore the sequence of “inspiration – creation – implementation” in an individual art form for the benefit of local audiences, opening a little window into the creative process and how it works in various artistic domains. The lectures always include live demonstrations, examples of artistic works in audio and video, and have ample time included for audience questions.

Each session is followed by a light reception during which the artist and other demonstrators will be glad to talk more about their work and answer additional questions.

Wildlife painter Susan Cameron and landscape painter Brad Kammeyer will together share their techniques and motivations, their methods of researching a subject for a specific art piece and the spectacular feeling of being a part of an artistically growing community. They’ll present a few of their art pieces, walk guests through the techniques guiding various stages that move toward finished works, and the precious place creation holds within their separate lives. They’ll also discuss how they communicate through the Internet and social media to share and sell artwork all over the world.

Cameron’s work has won several ribbons over the years at the Arizona State Fair, has been featured at MCE’s solo gallery in 2017, at the library’s initial group exhibition and at the Chamber of Commerce 2017 showing, and has been selected for several of MAC’s Galleries at City Hall. She is a current co-director of Maricopa Arts Council, a nonprofit corporation.

Kammeyer only began painting a few years ago and is already well-established in Maricopa, with a spring 2017 exhibition at MCE and several works in MAC’s “Painter’s Paradise” Gallery at City Hall. He was formerly active in the music scene and thus is comfortable in sharing his creative expressions before large audiences. Both of these talented, passionate painters have perceptive observations and insights to share in what promises to be an illuminating afternoon.


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