Photo by Mason Callejas

The 13th annual Salsa Festival drew thousands of attendees and 15 salsa chefs. People were able to vote for their favorite salsas electronically, and 1,182 votes were cast.

Overall Favorite and Grand Prize Winner:
Crazy Cranberry

Hot Category:
1) 2 Dude’s Salsa
2) Blazing Deer Salsa
3) Marianna Kientzler

Mild Category:
1) Santa Cruz Coyotes
2) Play Tequila Salsa Cantina
3) 2 Dude’s Salsa

Unusual Category:
1) Crazy Cranberry
2) Tango Mango (Toby’s Auto Mechanic)
3) Andrea’s Chile Peppa’s

Most Festive Booth Décor:
Crazy Cranberry

Celebrity Judges Choice:
Blazing Deer Salsa

Winners received the following prizes:
Best Overall – $1,000
1st Place each category- $500
2nd Place each category – $150
3rd Place each category – $50
Celebrity Judges – $250


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