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Tom O'Halleran (center) speaks with Maricopans during a town hall in Maricopa Wednesday. Photo by Jim Headley

U.S. Congressman Tom O’Halleran (Arizona-D1) said he’s looking forward to seeing the Mueller report today.

“I am a former homicide detective,” O’Halleran said. “Until I see the facts, I am not anticipating anything other than being able to review it and see the consequences of what is in the report and what’s not in the report. Then move on from there.”

O’Halleran, a Democrat, said over the past few months many people have been talking about things they really don’t know about. He was at Maricopa City Hall on Wednesday to host a town hall and field questions from constituents.

“If we’re going to bring people in America back together again, we have to talk about real issues and real facts. Not just  somebody, who isn’t in the room when the investigation is going on, saying, ‘I believe this is what happened’ or ‘I think this is going to happen.’ None of that is relevant until you know the facts.”

O’Halleran said he is worried what might be redacted in the report when Congress finally gets a copy of it today.

“I am very concerned about the redactions. Across the entire spectrum of Congress, we want to see the whole report. It is not just the Democratic side or the Republican side. I haven’t found a member that doesn’t want to see that report,” O’Halleran said.

O’Halleran said he is coming to Maricopa a little more frequently lately because, “I have a lot of issues down here. Whether it’s a meeting on farm issues or a meeting with the mayor on city issues. The levy issues that we have been back and forth on for a long time. There is just a lot of issues when you have a community this size that is this close to a metropolitan area.”

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U.S. Rep. Tom O'Halleran

The City of Maricopa will be hosting a Town Hall with Arizona’s First District Congressman Tom O’Halleran on April 17 from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. in the City Council Chambers at City Hall.

Topics of discussion will include, but are not limited to, veterans, Social Security, Medicare, border security, infrastructure, and trade.

Come join him, ask him questions, or share your thoughts and opinions.


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Congressman Tom O'Hallern (right) talks with Scott Bartle during the Town Hall. Photo by Raquel Hendrickson

Congressman Tom O’Halleran, a Democrat running to keep his seat in the U.S. House of Representatives, answered questions on health care, gun safety, border security, infrastructure and more during the InMaricopa General Election Town Hall Oct. 6 at Maricopa High School Performing Arts Center. His Republican opponent, Wendy Rogers, was not available.

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Wendy Rogers is the Republican front-runner in the early counting for CD1.

Competing for a chance to face off with Democrat Tom O’Halleran in the fall, Maricopan Steve Smith trails Wendy Rogers by more than 2,000 votes.

Tiffany Shedd is a distant third in the Republican Primary for U.S. Congress District 1.

“It’s been a long, hard road so far,” Smith said while awaiting results. “A huge district, 59,000 square miles. My poor car is chugging right along still. But it’s been a great time.”

Smith is currently the senator from Legislative District 11.

Still waiting for seven counties to fully report, Rogers had 20, 564 votes to Smith’s 17,879.

Meanwhile, O’Halleran, the incumbent, was unopposed in the Democrat primary.

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State Sen. Steve Smith

Maricopa resident Steve Smith is running for Congress.

Smith is currently the state senator for District 11. A strong supporter of President Trump’s policies, he wants to turn Congressional District 1 back to the Republicans. He announced his campaign Monday morning.

CD1 covers nearly 60,000 square miles and ranges from Eloy to the Utah border. It is politically a tossup. Democrat Tom O’Halleran of Sedona won the congressional seat easily in the November election, but the district went to Trump 48 percent to 47 percent over Hillary Clinton.

“It is diverse but it is a microcosm of the district I’ve always served,” Smith said.

It is a rural district representing ranchers, farmers, Native American strongholds, colleges and miners, he said.

Smith was first elected to the Legislature as a representative in 2010. He has championed conservative issues, from government debt to border security and job growth. He said the issues will be the same in his congressional campaign.

“We have to bring jobs to our district,” he said. “We have to get spending under control.”

He also said there needs to be more personal morality and responsibility in Washington while the country continues an “American first” policy put forth by the Administration.

“The President’s doing a great job,” Smith said.

The election is in November 2018. Smith said he will fill out his term, which ends that December, and find the balance between campaigning and serving in the state senate.

He is already touting endorsements from Republican congressmen Trent Franks and Andy Biggs.

Smith and his wife Jamie have five children.