Eating out this weekend? There are a few restaurants you might want to avoid, at least according to the latest report from the Pinal County Health Department 

Health inspectors visited six eateries in the city from Nov. 1 to Nov. 9. 

One Chinese restaurant was hit with its eighth “satisfactory” rating since 2019. An Italian restaurant was handed its fifth. And a local sushi bar wasn’t up to standard. 

This report has one more “satisfactory” rating than our previous report that spanned Oct. 19 to Nov. 1.   


Sprouts Farmers Market (Inspected Nov. 9) 

Sprouts Farmers Market — Bakery (Inspected Nov. 9) 

Sprouts Farmers Market — Deli (Inspected Nov. 9) 



Brooklyn Boys Italian Restaurant & Pizza (Inspected Nov. 7) 

  • Cold holding: Temperature of cheesecake in cold holding display cooler was between 50 and 55 degrees. Less than 41 degrees required.   
  • Cooling equipment: Air temperature in display cooler was 50 degrees. Less than 41 degrees required.   
  • Cooling methods: Temperature of cooked pasta stored in deep, plastic, closed tubs in the walk-in cooler were between 57 and 66 degrees. Less than 41 degrees required. Pasta to be placed in ice bath, then in a shallow, metal pan with no lid to chill quickly. 

Brooklyn Boys has been inspected 14 times since 2019. It has received eight “excellent” ratings and five “satisfactory.” 

Li’s Garden (Inspected Nov. 7) 

  • Food contact: Employee carried a slip of plastic wrap to the cook line prep area with both hands. A corner of the wrap was in the employees’ mouth before being placed over cooked shrimp. 
  • Sanitization: Sanitizer in the dish machine was tested at 0 parts per million. (50-100 ppm required). 

Li’s Garden has been inspected 14 times since 2019. It has received six “excellent” ratings and eight “satisfactory.” 


Oumi Sushi at Sprouts (Inspected Nov. 9) 

  • When to wash: Staff cleaned dishes in a sink and immediately began preparing food. Staff later picked a pen off the floor and began preparing food.  
  • Contents of a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points plan: Entry for acidified rice log showed a cook time and pH test at 9 a.m. The time of inspection was 8:15 a.m. Staff to maintain records in real time. 

Since Oumi Sushi at Sprouts Marketplace opened in 2021, the sushi bar has received five “excellent” ratings and two “satisfactory.”