Couldn’t sit through this week’s two-hour city council meeting? Let’s recap the highlights.

MFMD introduces drones

Maricopa Fire and Medical Department announced it will add drones to its firefighting operations. The drones will have thermal cameras to help better monitor scenes, identify hotspots and know the exact location of each firefighter and medic.

Fire Chief Brad Pitassi said that while the drones may cost an estimated $35,000 each, it’s a worthwhile investment.

“It’s a very significant investment, but it is also a significant investment in the safety and welfare of our community,” he said. “So, we figure it’s money well spent.”

Copper Sky pool maintenance

Last week, the city announced the public swimming pool at Copper Sky will close Dec. 1 for much-needed maintenance. Deputy City Manager Matt Kozlowski gave more details during Tuesday’s meeting.

In addition to replastering pools and upgrading filtration systems, the city also plans to add more seating and shade options for Copper Sky members. This will include about 136 feet of shade sails along the south pool deck and Adirondack chairs.

Maricopa Unified School District will also eye replacing the scoreboard with a mobile version for its swim meets.

Kozlowski estimated the project to cost about $1.2 million and that crews would complete work by early spring next year.

2024 city council elections

Councilmembers unanimously approved dates for next year’s city council elections.

The primary will be held Aug. 6 and the general election Nov. 5. Interested parties must file nomination forms by April 8 at the city clerk’s office.

Seats for Mayor Nancy Smith and Councilmembers Eric Goettl, Amber Liermann and Bob Marsh are up for re-election next year.

Hartman Road to gain a lane

Sorrento residents rejoice!

Although details are slim, councilmembers approved adding this roadwork project to next year’s capital improvement plan.

The project would add a northbound lane to Hartman Road between Honeycutt and Bowlin Roads.

Stiffer guidelines for spilling debris

Councilmembers approved adding stricter guidelines for trucks hauling waste materials on city streets and highways.

This includes making it unlawful to “cause damage or allow fill, excavated material, construction debris, mud, dirt, rock, sand, gravel, concrete or asphalt to be spilled, dumped or tracked onto public streets, alleys or sidewalks.”

Contractors and property owners could be subject to penalties for spills and damages.

Parks and Rec gains committee member

The Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee gained a new member: Michael Higashi.

The four-year resident is an engineer by trade and participates in archery and competitive pistol shooting.

Goettl nominated Higashi, who was unanimously approved.

Heritage District redevelopment

The council also held a public hearing on proposed update goals for redevelopment of Maricopa’s Heritage District.

The update was held for the city to eventually receive federal funding to revitalize the area through a Community Development Block Grant.