Maricopans gathered for a lunch presentation on the APEX plans.

Members of the APEX Motor Club team gave a public presentation at Native Grill on Thursday outlining their proposed private racetrack to a group of residents and local dignitaries.

APEX President Jason Plotke presented details at the luncheon, describing why they chose Maricopa, the struggles they’ve faced in bringing this project to fruition and the steps left to take before ground breaking.

Plotke has expressed on multiple occasions that his organizations experience working with city officials has been nothing but aces.

“It was our goal to find a community that would embrace us such as what we’ve experienced,” Plotke said. “Everything has been with open arms.”

The process of developing their proposed private track in Maricopa has not gone unopposed, however. Multiple groups have been formed in opposition to Apex since they began publicly pursuing their project.

An anonymous social media group named themselves Speed Kills Maricopa has posted videos and information alleging dangerous amounts of traffic and elevated levels of noise.

Another group calling themselves Maricopa Citizens Protecting Tax Payers recently completed a petition for referendum with the city hoping to force Apex’s approval to a vote in November.

The organization lists mailboxes at the UPS store as their Maricopa addresses. And neither the chairman of the organization, Robert Rebich, nor the treasurer, David Prom, have addresses listed in Maricopa.

Neither group has responded to requests for comment.

Among those in attendance were State Rep. Vince Leach, Maricopa City Councilmember Nancy Smith, County Supervisor Anthony Smith, Chamber of Commerce board members and Maricopa Center for Entrepreneurship Director Quintin Baker.

Jason Plotke


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