Maricopa police arrested a woman caught on camera taking furniture from someone’s porch in a video that grabbed 2,500 views on InMaricopa’s YouTube channel last week.  

Officers arrested 41-year-old Veronica B. Boetticher after she admitted to taking a bench — but she said she thought it was up for grabs, according to a probable cause statement obtained by InMaricopa. 

Maricopa Police Department responded to a house on West Brant Drive in Homestead Jan. 22 after the homeowner reported the bench stolen. 

Leilani Nunes showed officers doorbell footage of the alleged theft, according to police documents. The video, timestamped 11:17 a.m., showed Boetticher walking up to the front porch, lifting up the bench and carrying it away.  

Nunes also shared the video on in the Maricopa AZ 85138 group on Facebook and captioned it: “I’m beyond furious.” 

A neighbor provided police with another video that showed Boetticher loading the bench in a very distinct car — a two-colored Ford Explorer with a logo on the passenger side, according to police documents. 

The neighbor told police Boetticher was expected to come pick up a lamp and three tumblers from the porch, but there was no mention of a bench. 

Officers found Boetticher’s workplace on her Facebook profile. 

MPD located Boetticher’s car in the Papa Johns parking lot on Maricopa-Casa Grande highway. In a call to the public during the police investigation, neighbors said she was a manager there. 

Boetticher corroborated she was there to pick up a lamp and tumblers, but when she did not find them on the porch, grabbed the bench instead. 

Boetticher was arrested and booked into the Pinal County jail on one charge of theft. She faces six months in jail. 

Maricopa Municipal Court prosecutor Murdock Halloway told us this morning her trial date hasn’t been set yet. 

Watch the video: