A traffic signal at the intersection of Honeycutt Road and White and Parker Road is part of the capital improvement list in the tentative budget. The intersection is currently a four-way stop.

Maricopa City Council approved a nearly $106 million budget for the coming year at its regular meeting Tuesday.

The final annual city budget will be examined in June.

City Manager Rick Horst unveiled the tentative budget, showing it is filled with nearly $34 million in capital projects. Many of those have been on the city’s “wish list” for many years.

Horst said the general fund budget is $48.4 million and the capital projects budget is at $33.95 million. The Copper Sky budget is now part of the general fund.

There have also been numerous budgets consolidated. Horst said the city revenue projections in the coming budget do not include anticipated growth in sales tax collection due to anticipated construction. Rather, projections are based on history, not anticipation.

Horst also said primary property tax rates will remain unchanged, but he cautioned if valuations increase, people will be paying more in total taxes. Valuations are set by the county.

The 2019-20 budget is nearly $1 million less than the current year’s budget. For the first time in the city’s history the budget will establish an asset-replacement fund and it sets aside additional funds in support of self-insured losses in the event of a disaster.

Some of the major capital improvement projects Horst unveiled Tuesday include:

  • The new library construction in fiscal year 2019-20.
  • The repurposing of the existing library as a senior and veteran center.
  • A “monument sign” to welcome people entering the city on SR 347.
  • The synchronization of traffic signals on State Route 347 in city limits.
  • A flood-warning system.
  • An SR 347 truck by-pass study.
  • The extension of Bowlin Road and the addition of a crossing.
  • The renovations of Heritage Park.
  • A Santa Cruz Wash flood control solution that will open thousands of acres of land for development.
  • A traffic light at White & Parker and Honeycutt Road.
  • The widening of Smith-Enke Road and Chase Drive to White & Parker Road.
  • Improvements on Pershing Road.
  • A crossing on the Rancho El Dorado Wash north.

The council unanimously approved the tentative budget and will examine the city’s final budget at the June 4 meeting.