The city this week presented to the Planning and Zoning Commission initial plans for City Center Park, to consist largely of ball fields that would replace those to be taken out at Copper Sky Park for a proposed development.

[City of Maricopa]
In a presentation by city urban planner Derek Scheerer, P&Z got a first look at site, landscape, photometric and elevation plans for the approximately 55-acre City Center Park that is expected to be built in two phases east of the northeastern corner of West Bowlin Road and North White and Parker Road.

The northern section of the park, which will be built first, will have three softball fields, one baseball field and a plaza at their confluence with a concession stand and restrooms.

The southern section of the park will have two softball fields, a 2.5-acre irrigation lake and another plaza with concession stand and restrooms.

[City of Maricopa]
Scheerer added that as much material as possible – including lights and fencing – will be recycled from the Copper Sky fields into the new City Center fields to reduce costs.

Scheerer did not say how long it would be between completion of the northern half of the new park and start of construction on the southern portion.

He did say the particulars of the southern portion could change if needs change before it is built.

The project also will address drainage issues in the area, he said.

[City of Maricopa]
“We propose to build behind City Hall, creating a municipal area with the new courts building, new police building, library and ballfields,” Scheerer said. “The Civic Center Park is part of a village central project that is part of the General Plan.”

The presentation was for information only and P&Z took no action on it.



  1. Well that looks oddly familiar, lol.
    Let’s hope some lessons were learned and improvements will be made; like the dugouts providing proper shading – AFTERNOON SUN taken into consideration; shading for spectators;
    an actual batting cage; and NO metal toilet seats (we live in Az – hello?!) Fingers crossed!