COOL BEANS: Inspectors ding taco spot


Looking for a good meal between NFL games today? Maricopa restaurants again came away with a near-spotless report card, according to this latest restaurant inspection report from the Pinal County Health Department 

Health inspectors visited seven eateries in Maricopa from Sept. 7 to Sept. 28 and dinged just one with violations after cooked beans weren’t adequately cooled. 

This report has one fewer “satisfactory” rating than our previous report that spanned Aug. 18 to Sept. 6. 


  • Honeycutt Coffee (inspected Sept. 28) 
  • Maricopa Elementary School (inspected Sept. 13) 
  • Maricopa High School (inspected Sept. 13) 
  • Maricopa High School – Culinary Arts (inspected Sept. 13) 
  • Rili B’s Taco Shop (inspected Sept. 7) 
  • The Roost (inspected Sept. 28) 



Aliberto’s (inspected Sept. 28) 

  • Cooling: Temperatures of cooked beans in walk-in cooler were between 53 and 55 degrees. Temperatures of salsa, cooked carrots and chili peppers in prep cooler were between 52 and 53 degrees. Less than 41 degrees is required. 
  • Equipment: Air temperature in prep cooler was 57 degrees. Less than 41 degrees is required.