The clock is running on the deadline for short films and scripts to get consideration for the Copa Shorts Film Fest’s 5th annual festival in the fall.

Both types of submissions are due Saturday, July 31.

This year’s all-comedy themed virtual festival on Nov. 6-7 will put smiles on faces. Tickets go on sale in October.

The comedy approach offers filmmakers and screenwriters a challenge to entertain the audience.

All submissions are reviewed by CSFF reviewers and the filmmakers whose films are selected to be presented will be notified on Sept. 18.

“With the strong effect the Coronavirus pandemic has had on everyone, certainly nothing is needed more than some light-hearted comedy to distract from the current world affairs,” commented Shelley Gillespie, CSFF executive director.

As an additional courtesy, films created since January 1, 2019 may be included in this year’s festival.

Professional filmmakers will provide workshop talks on how to create comedy, and other pertinent film-related topics. The workshops, held during the online festival, are free.

Awards, prizes and professional software will be awarded to the deserving screenwriter and filmmaker winners.

The company that will stream the virtual festival,, has a user-friendly approach to both festival organizers and viewers and CSFF will have a dedicated “channel.” Festival-goers can view films from the comfort of home with more time to see the films. There will be a small fee to view film blocks. As all films are 2-20 minutes in length, there is great variety in film blocks.

All films and screenplays must be submitted to, where the rules, categories and deadlines are shown.

Copa Shorts Film Fest is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit that promotes filmmaking opportunities for students and professional filmmakers as a career. Educational filmmaker workshops are available to communities and schools. Tax-deductible donations are appreciated to continue our community events and training programs. Copa Shorts Film Fest is supported by Central Arizona College, the City of Maricopa, local businesses including Lizard Heights Glass, composer/musician Judith Zaimont and artist/musician Gary Zaimont, and grants from the Arizona Commission on the Arts.