CRULLER BY NUMBER: Readers name city’s best donut

Donuts [Dave Crosby/Flickr]
Donuts [Dave Crosby/Flickr]

Who doesn’t love donuts? 

You could opt for classic glazed, powdered or blanketed in crumbs. If you’re feeling a bit rebellious, you could even get one with sprinkles or packed with lemon goo. 

No matter how you like your donut, there are (soon to be) four shops in town frying their own donuts. That’s why InMaricopa asked readers who they think is donut king in Maricopa. 

Two in 5 voters said Good Donuts ranks at the top of their list. Good Donuts is the first standalone donut shop in Maricopa that opened in March 2015.  

Maricopans must have had a taste of the BoSa Donuts in the Valley or Casa Grande. Nearly one-third of voters said when it opens, BoSa will out-donut the competition. 

One in 4 people said they get their donut fixings from Bashas’. Fewer than 1 in 10 voters chose Dunkin’ Donuts.