Editor: Inflation, the new COVID-19


For the last few years, the reason behind labor and material shortages could be easily summed up: COVID-19. It was the reason for empty shelves at stores, a postal service that didn’t always work, longer-than-normal waits in the drive-thru line for fast food, and hour-long waits for a table at your favorite restaurants.

But as those pressures start to ease, the problem replacing COVID-19 is inflation. In case you haven’t noticed, prices are on the rise.

We see it at the gas station, the grocery store, basically everywhere. At least in the short term, it doesn’t appear to be going away.

Here at InMaricopa, we’re not immune.

Every month, we publish a high-quality magazine that’s delivered to more than 26,000 Maricopa households. The price of the paper and all of the materials used to print our magazines has increased 40% since June 2021. And with July came yet another cost increase.

Don’t worry, we’re not planning on doubling our costs for a subscription: That would be impossible, because it’s 100% free to our readers both in print and online.

The point of this note isn’t to garner sympathy, but it’s a call of solidarity with our readers and business community. We feel your pain.

This statement has been overdone over the last few years, but we are truly in this together.
Our goal is to put together a magazine that’s reflective of the many different voices in our community and, thanks to our advertisers who foot the bill, we will continue to do so, even during these challenging times.

All we ask is, if you appreciate our efforts to report the happenings in Maricopa both in print and online, patronize the businesses that support us. They make it possible for us to do our jobs and for you to have a voice that truly originates from Maricopa.

InMaricopa, to be exact.

This editor’s letter was first published in the July edition of InMaricopa magazine. Check your mailbox today for your copy.