State Route 347 has no mercy for Maricopa commuters, especially at its intersection with Riggs Road.

To add insult to injury, after Gov. Katie Hobbs axed the project that would have eliminated the traffic light there last month, the signal itself crapped out last week and then again Friday morning.

The intersection sees the highest number of collisions on any state highway — and the traffic light there faltered constantly during the last week. This has resulted in more traffic headaches than usual, as reported on social media.

The Arizona Department of Transportation admitted to some issues with the light in an exchange with Mayor Nancy Smith, who posted the department’s response on social media Friday afternoon.

“The traffic signal was inoperable earlier today, but the technicians managed to get it back into operation temporarily,” the post said. “A more permanent repair will be required, which will take approximately six hours.”

The cause for the faulty light? Rodents.

“A crew was out there today and found that rodents had chewed some of the wires,” said ADOT spokesperson Steve Elliott. “We’ll determine Monday whether we’ll need to install new wire.”

The repair is supposed to occur sometime next week outside peak traffic hours, according to ADOT. Officers will direct traffic.