HISTORY: A past rooted in farming

Kacie Cardon [Maricopa 4-ers]
[Maricopa Historical Society]
[Maricopa Historical Society]

This black-and-white photo (left) shows a young Maricopa 4-Her with a prize cow.

In 1953, area residents began teaching the youth cooking and sewing, which later expanded into leathercrafts and gardening.

The 4-H Fair at Eleven Mile Corner was the place the club would show off their prized animals including cows and pigs.

In 2023, Maricopa 4-Hers attended and showed off their animals.

Kaden Cardon (below) and future 4-Her Kacie Cardon (above) are pictured with a cow at the fair. Today, the 4-H Club has about 40 members and 10 leaders.


Kaden Cardon [Maricopa 4-ers]
This story was first published in the September edition of InMaricopa Magazine.