Who says learning can’t be sweet?  

The Culver’s restaurant on John Wayne Parkway is participating in the Kids of Character Program, a longstanding character-building initiative targeting young learners. 

The butter burger joint supplies certificates to elementary and middle school teachers in the city to celebrate various student achievements.  

From acing a math test to picking up trash after a pep rally, teachers and staff can recognize and reinforce good behavior with a certificate featuring the fast-food counter’s grinning ice cream mascot. 

Students can redeem their award for a free scoop of frozen custard.  

This year, Culver’s spokesperson Jose Tavares said the demand has been through the roof, with an influx of more than 100 requests from local teachers.  

“The program is 100% free of charge to the teachers and is a really great way to keep their students motivated,” Tavares said. 

Despite its headquarters in Wisconsin, Culver’s has formed meaningful partnerships in Maricopa, Tavares said. 

The restaurant chain also partners with the local FFA chapter at Desert Sunrise High School and the Maricopa High School football team. 

During the high school’s Freshman Frenzy event Sept. 1, Culver’s will set up a Root Beer Float booth to give back to the community.