Triple-digit temperatures didn’t deter Maricopa job seekers from an evening full of résumés and applications on July 20.  

InMaricopa co-hosted its inaugural job fair with the government contractor CoreCivic at the Maricopa Library and Cultural Center. Employers eyed candidates for dozens of roles across the city.  

Sonia Ross was one such applicant.  

“I’m looking for an admin position,” Ross said, clutching a folder full of paperwork. 

She waited in line to speak with a recruiter from CoreCivic, which owns several detention facilities in Pinal County. 

The recruiter, Lakiesha Townsel, said CoreCivic hired at least 10 people that day. 

“The quality of candidates that have come in today has been outstanding,” she said. 

Other companies’ scouts, like Shayna Morrison-Boccadoro, reported similar results. She was vetting applicants for positions at the Hand of Grace, a disability support group based in Mesa. 

“I’ve gotten lots of applications and résumés,” Morrison-Boccadoro said. She noted in-person job fairs paid off for both applicants and employers more than virtual ones. 

“It can be really hard to reach out online because it always feels like you’re kind of encountering a barrier,” she said. “With in-person events like this, you’re able to meet people and see their energy.” 

With several hundred attendees filing in and out of the room, InMaricopa owner Vince Manfredi said Maricopa residents can expect to see more opportunities to find jobs in the future. 

“I think the job fair was an overall success,” he said. “It helped bring together people who were looking for work and companies looking to grow. We’re looking to have a job fair quarterly.”