Leaked email: eegee’s ditched Maricopa plans


Plans change quickly — a lesson that may seem like a slap in the face to sub sandwich and frozen drink lovers in Maricopa. 

An iconic Tucson diner that since last year planned to open a restaurant in Maricopa — and just two weeks ago reaffirmed it would open in the “very near future” — has abandoned efforts to open shop Maricopa, according to leaked emails. 

A tipster sent InMaricopa emails he exchanged with an eegee’s representative stemming from a July 6 request for information about when eegee’s would cut the ribbon in Maricopa. 

On July 11, local resident Daniel Romestan received a disappointing response from the Ariona-based lunch counter.  

“Unfortunately, things didn’t work out and this location isn’t going to open,” eegee’s representative Tina Ernle said in an email to Romestan.  

The same day, Romestan asked if InMaricopa’s latest story on the stores opening was false.  

“The (InMaricopa) article was not false at the time, we had a change in strategy,” Ernle said in a response yesterday. 

“So it’s not happening?” Romestan responded, followed by one final response from Ernle: “It is not happening.” 

Neither eegee’s nor the city of Maricopa immediately responded for comment. 

This is a breaking story, InMaricopa will update it as more information becomes available.