Maricopa resident Mack Hodges again proved, at 76 years old, he’s a force to be reckoned with.

The powerlifter who graced InMaricopa’s August cover not only took first place in his division in the North American Powerlifting Federation’s regional championships earlier this month, but he also set a meet record.

During the recent meet in the Cayman Islands, Hodges bench pressed 303 pounds, squatted 358 pounds and deadlifted 363 pounds. It’s an eye-popping amount of weight for anyone, especially at his age.

The bench press single lift set a record at the event in his category, offsetting last year’s record of 292.

“It was a great trip and that record made it so much better for me,” Hodges told InMaricopa.

His wife of 47 years, Connie, shared Hodges’ joy in his performance.

“We have always supported each other’s activities,” she said. “I admire his discipline and drive, and I am very proud of him.”

The regional championship hosted 104 lifters from 14 countries including 17 former world champions. Now that it’s over, Hodges said he looks forward to some well-deserved rest before he begins training for a national championship in the spring.

“I think I can raise my numbers because I’ll have time to work on it,” he said. “I’m always looking for ways to do better.”