Maricopa High School stood solemn and still this morning.

The city came together in memoriam of the 2,977 people who died in the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon exactly 22 years ago.

Leading the way, Senior Aerospace Science Instructor Allen Kirksey directed a poignant tribute by the Air Force Junior ROTC. The flag, bold and proud, briefly soared before lowering to half-staff.

Students not old enough to remember the tragedy on Sept. 11, 2001, stood proudly in formation, still moved by its gravity.

Distinguished guests, including Maricopa City Councilmen Eric Goettl, Rich Vitello and Vincent Manfredi, alongside representatives from the Maricopa Police Department, gathered to join Mayor Nancy Smith.

Notably, Maricopa Fire Department Chief Brad Pitassi and Christopher Bolinger were present too, together paying homage to the fallen.

Their presence symbolized unity and a lasting commitment to remembrance.

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