After four terms (and more than a decade) as mayor of Maricopa, Christian Price resigned last week to accept a position as CEO and president of the Maricopa Economic Development Alliance, a public-private partnership that works directly with companies to help them evaluate options to locate in the city.

In a sit-down interview with InMaricopa editor Justin Griffin before his public announcement, Price recalled his crazy, early years as mayor and looked ahead at his forthcoming leadership role, which he views as an extension of his work on behalf of the city. And he shared his goals as MEDA’s chief.

He also spoke candidly about the sacrifices he and his family have made over the last 10 years, adding the decision to resign and join MEDA only came after discussion with family, and prayer.

Watch the interview below:

Video by Bryan Mordt/InMaricopa


  1. so my ? is what is his salary and who is paying it? did he get a sweet heart deal from city on my tax dime? who on city council voted for this sweert heart deal? need more facts as republicans do not supply fact just a fake headline

  2. Sigh Joe… I know its fun to poke and falsely accuse our elected representatives from behind a keyboard of something salacious and illegal, but I hate to be the bearer of bad news to you that we have rules to live by and no “pay off’s” are allowed. And I will follow those rules to the letter. I did not serve so I could go to jail in the end. Simply not worth it. I have my word, my honor and my family name to live up too. So your answer is none! I get paid my “less than meager city council salary” until I resign on July 1 2022 and start my new job as an employee of MEDA.

    Answer #2 is MEDA is a private non profit corporation that receives its compensation for services rendered and its also from Corporate Board Memberships. Hope that helps.