Pinal County Assessor Douglas Wolf

Douglas Wolf  has been Pinal County assessor since 2012 and is up for re-election this year, facing a Republican primary challenge from Mike Cruz.

Age: 64
Residence:  Unincorporated area in southern Pinal County
Years in Pinal County: 12
Family: Married to Gloria, two adult children
Education: BS in Business Administration, minor in Mass Communications University of Minnesota
Employment background: Self-employed business owner for 35 years in real estate and computer software consulting prior to being elected
Government background: Elected in 2012 to Office of Assessor and re-elected in 2016

Why are you the best person for the job?
I am the two-term incumbent assessor and was elected president of the Arizona Association of Assessors 2019. My 35 years of private sector business experience in residential and commercial real estate, and computer software matches perfectly with the duties of the office.

What are the biggest issues at stake in the campaign for assessor?
The choice for the voters is whether to support an experienced, proven, effective and fair person to continue as assessor. Also, I refuse any campaign donations as it is my belief that contributors expect something in return. Any money spent in this campaign is my own.

Pinal County is positioned to be the preferred destination for many new and exciting businesses as evidenced by Nikola and Lucid Motors and the Nacero natural gas plant. These new, vibrant businesses will generate jobs, and property taxes, reducing taxes for homeowners.

How do you earn the trust of the residents of Pinal County?
By continuing to treat everyone fairly and equitably as prescribed by the law. The assessor takes two oaths of office. One oath is identical to all other elected officials, the second (ARS 11-542) pertains to fair and equal valuations. I take my oaths very seriously and strive daily to meet their requirements. Everyone who contacts my office is treated the exactly the same and that will continue if I am re-elected as I am not obligated to any special interests.

This item appears, in part, in the June issue of InMaricopa.


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