National day honors many in Maricopa


Farming is not just history in Maricopa — it’s also part of the future. That’s why National Farmers Day happens this date every year. 

Just ask Ken Johnson, director of the University of Arizona’s Maricopa Agricultural Center. 

The University of Arizona’s Maricopa Cooperative Extension works to develop and deliver agricultural technologies for Arizona producers and consumers. Researchers there share their findings about cotton, small grains, alfalfa and other specialty crops that could be used to make fibers, oils and pharmaceuticals with farmers all across the state. 

“It’s not just driving a tractor,” Johnson said.

Farming and agriculture is a way that people can help society by feeding American businesses.

“There’s lots of different opportunities,” Johnson said.

One local high school student said he believed agriculture classes are beneficial. 

Sean Maza, a junior at Desert Sunrise High School is also a member of the Future Farmers of America. 

“Agriculture teaches us the values of hard work and perseverance,” Maza said. “Agriculture classes are not just about farming, they open up a world of opportunities for students like myself. “