Autumn is here — and you know what that means.  

Pumpkin spice lattes have cropped up on every coffee shop’s menu. The bright pang of pumpkin with earthy undertones of cinnamon and cloves is a seasonal favorite for many coffee afficionados when the leaves begin to change. 

While leaves haven’t started browning here in Maricopa quite yet, pumpkin spice lattes are bountiful at every café in town. 

InMaricopa asked for the best local spot to order the caffeinated beverage that has become synonymous with fall. 

One in 3 respondents said Neaux Coffee Company serves the best pumpkin spice latte. 

Runner-up was Starbucks with 13% of votes; Monsoon Coffee with 11%; Dutch Bros. Coffee with 6%; Dunkin’ Donuts with 5%; and Honeycutt Coffee with 3% of votes. 

The remaining one-third of respondents are autumnal contrarians — no pumpkin spice for this crowd.