Eating out this weekend? There are a few restaurants you may want to avoid, at least according to the latest report by the Pinal County Health Department. 

Health inspectors docked one-third of the restaurants they visited with violations during a tour of Maricopa this week. 

The inspectors visited nine eateries in the city from Oct. 6 to 18 and three of them were less than flawless. 

Food inspectors dinged a brand-new noodle shop with four violations during its very first inspection, alongside a Mexican joint and a daycare center. 

Several local schools received an “E” grade — an A+ in the food inspection world. 

This report has one less “satisfactory” rating than our previous report that spanned Sept. 29 to Oct. 5.   



A+ Charter Schools (inspected Oct. 17) 

Cilantro’s Mexican Cocina (inspected Oct. 6) 

Desert Sunrise High School (inspected Oct. 18) 

Desert Sunrise High School — Concessions (inspected Oct. 18) 

The Duke at Rancho El Dorado (inspected Oct. 17) 

Heritage Academy (inspected Oct. 18) 




Molly’s House of Little Feet (inspected Oct. 18) 

  • Cooling methods: Temperatures of cooked pasta in deep, covered, plastic container in reach-in cooler were between 47 and 48 degrees. To be held in a shallow, uncovered, metal pan. Less than 41 degrees required. 

Plaza Bonita (inspected Oct. 18) 

  • Hot holding: Temperatures of shredded beef, shredded chicken and enchilada sauce in a reach-in cooler were between 118 and 121 degrees. More than 135 degrees required. 
  • Cooling: Temperatures of cooked beans in a walk-in cooler were between 54 and 55 degrees. Less than 41 degrees required. Not cool beans. 
  • Date marking: Open containers of flan and verde salsa were held in the walk-in cooler with expired date marks. 
  • Cooling methods: Temperature of cut lettuce in deep, closed plastic cooler was between 52 and 54 degrees. Temperatures of enchilada sauce in deep, plastic pitchers in the food prep area were between 120 and 125 degrees. Different cooling method required, like a shallow, uncovered metal pan, or use ice.  Less than 41 degrees required. 

Yummy Noodles (inspected Oct. 18) 

  • When to wash: Staff entered the kitchen through the backdoor and began handling clean dishes without washing their hands. 
  • Cleaning: Staff washed and rinsed a knife before putting it in storage. No sanitizer was used. 
  • Cooling methods: Temperature of cooked pork-broth in a covered, 5-gallon plastic container in the walk-in cooler was between 56 and 75 degrees. Different cooling method required, like a shallow, uncovered metal pan, or use ice. Less than 41 degrees required.  
  • Hot holding: Temperature of cooked meat and boiled eggs in prep cooler were between 50 and 51 degrees. Less than 41 degrees required. 
  • Temperature control: Cut lettuce help on counter at room temperature. Staff said it was used as garnish. Cut lettuce is to be stored at 41 degrees or below.