Eating out this weekend? Beware — the Pinal County Health Department docked every other restaurant it inspected during a tour of Maricopa this week. 

Health inspectors visited nine eateries in the city from Sept. 29 to Oct. 5 and dinged nearly half of them with violations. 

This report has three more “satisfactory” ratings than our previous report that spanned Sept. 7 to 28. 


Arby’s (inspected Oct. 3) 

Culver’s (inspected Oct. 4) 

IHOP (inspected Oct. 3) 

Sunrise Preschool (inspected Oct. 3) 

Tacos N’ More (inspected Oct. 3) 



Carniceria Sonora (inspected Oct. 4) 

  • Sink operation and maintenance: Employee hand sink at food-prep station blocked by a large vat of dough stored in front of it. Hand sink at the hot line service does not have soap. 
  • Cooling: Temperatures of cooked beans on a metal pallet behind the food service line were between 81 and 95 degrees. Temperatures of cooked beef in a prep cooler were between 49 and 51 degrees. Temperatures of cooked salsa in walk-in cooler were between 50 and 68 degrees. Less than 41 degrees required. 
  • Hot holding: Temperatures of cooked and fried pork in a warmer were between 89 and 119 degrees. More than 135 degrees required. 
  • Date marking: Ten crates of individually packed salsa in the retail cooler did not have marked dates.  

Fransisco’s Mexican Food (inspected Oct. 4) 

  • Cooling: Temperatures of cooked rice in reach in cooler were between 49 and 52 degrees. Less than 41 degrees required. 

Jack In the Box (inspected Oct. 4) 

  • Cooling: Temperatures of cheese, meat stuffed tortilla, pre-cooked chicken, salsa and egg rolls in reach-in cooler were between 55 and 57 degrees. Less than 41 degrees required. 
  • Cooling equipment: Ambient air temperature of the reach-in cooler was 60 degrees. Less than 41 degrees required. 

Sonic Drive-in (inspected Oct. 3) 

  • Backflow prevention: A new chemical dish machine was installed without approval from the Department of Environmental Health. The water-waste line from the dish machine is directly connected to the drain of the three-compartment sink, which is directly connected to a sewer. The owner is required to install an airgap between the three-compartment sink drainpipe and sewer inlet. Reinspection required.