By Vincent Manfredi

Men’s Mental Health Month aims to shed light on the unique mental health challenges faced by men. As a Result, it often goes unnoticed or receives less attention compared to other health observances. Men are more fragile than perceived and although we try hard to hide it, sometimes we need help.

Let’s explore why it sometimes i ignored and chat about how to address the issue.

Why is it ignored?

  1. Societal expectations: Traditional gender roles pressure men to be stoic, and self-reliant. It results with men just toughing it out and “getting over it”, when they need to figure out the root cause.
  2. Stigma surrounding mental health: Because mental health is seen as a weakness by many it deters me from seeking support or openly talking about our struggles.
  3. Limited awareness and resources: Men’s specific mental health challenges are not always well understood, resulting in a lack of resources, services, and support networks. This shortage contributes to the perception that it is being overlooked.

How to address men’s mental health:

  1. Challenge societal expectations: Encourage men to seek help and that expressing emotions is a sign of strength, not weakness.
  2. Promote open conversations: Create spaces where men can discuss their mental health challenges without fear of being judged. Encourage dialogue with friends, family, and mental health professionals.
  3. Increase awareness: Education about the issue and the importance of early intervention and how to get the help needed.
  4. Tailor support services: There is a need to develop specialized resources and programs that address the unique mental health challenges, considering factors such as societal expectations, cultural norms, and gender roles.
  5. Foster a supportive environment: Encourage workplaces, schools, and communities to create an atmosphere that promotes mental well-being.
  6. Collaborate with healthcare providers: Ensure that mental health resources are available even on a limited budget.

This Month should serve as a reminder to help the men in your life by challenging societal expectations, reducing stigma, and providing support. Together, let’s make men’s mental health a priority and create a world where no one has to suffer in silence. 💙

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Editor’s notes: Vincent Manfredi is a Maricopa City Councilmember and an owner of InMaricopa.