MPD arrested three suspects after a lengthy investigation in Alterra. Photo by Jim Headley

On Wednesday, Maricopa Police served a search warrant on Costa Brava Avenue in the Alterra subdivision and arrested three people for dealing methamphetamine.

Arrested were Brian Hopkins, 31, Colby Valdes, 23 and Rosario Harris, age unknown.

Brian Hopkins (left) and Colby Valdes (PCSO photos)

“We served a search warrant on a drug house that we have been working on for the last three weeks,” said MPD spokesman Ricardo Alvarado. “We were able to make three arrests and recover methamphetamine out of the house. It was a small quantity; however, it was packaged for sale.”

Alvarado also said the suspects had scales in the house and garage.

“We were able to get some money out of it for the amount that they were selling,” Alvarado said. “There were two people arrested there that had warrants and the main individual we were looking at who was actually doing the sales out of the house.”


Photo by Jim Headley


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