Poll: Readers embrace coming of Tractor Supply, but still want more


Maricopa is finally getting the big-box store residents have been clamoring for, and the populace – at least that portion that responded to our poll – is excited.

But our readers also want more.

Our weekly InMaricopa poll asked, “What do you think of Tractor Supply coming to Maricopa?”

Nearly half of our 386 total votes, 43.5%, went to, “Nice, but how about Home Depot and Target next?”

Our second-most popular response, with 31.2%, went to, “I can’t wait! It is about time another large retail store opened here.”

About one in seven respondents, with 15.3%, selected, “Not my first choice, but at least it’s another option for shopping.”

Those who responded to the rhetorical choice, “I neither own nor plan to buy a tractor, so no biggie,” rounded out the voting with 9.3%.

Tractor Supply Co. is planning a 21,633-square-foot store at The Wells. In addition, Tractor Supply plans a 21,500-square-foot fenced outdoor display area, 3,744-square-foot greenhouse, feed center, and hay-and-forage shed.

The company is the largest rural-lifestyle retailer in the U.S. The Tennessee-based company was founded in 1938 and has more than 46,000 employees. It boasts 2,032 stores in 48 U.S. states and territories.