Residents can provide feedback on Pinal County’s draft vision


A vision captures the “ideals and desires” of a community and serves as the foundation of any planning project.

The draft Pinal County vision was compiled with the input from Pinal residents at 10 Road Show events in July and seven Visioning Workshop events in August. The Pinal County Comprehensive Plan is now taking the draft vision back to residents for their review and input.

The Pinal County Comprehensive Plan Web site now has an input form residents can fill out which asks residents questions regarding the draft vision. Interested residents can provide feedback on the draft vision by visiting the Pinal County Plan Web site and:

• Clicking the “Provide Your Feedback” link on the project home page, or
• Visiting the online “Library” and finding the draft vision document and feedback form under “Project Documents.”

The feedback form is designed to capture thoughts on the draft vision and will be used through the end of the year to help polish this important project document.

Interested groups of residents can also request a “Meeting in a Box” which will also provide them an opportunity to review, comment and provide feedback
on the draft vision.

For more information on the Pinal County Comprehensive Plan and upcoming events, visit the project Web site or contact Peggy Fiandaca (PSA) Consulting Team Project Manager at (480) 816 -1811 or