The former Rotary pool is being filled in. Photo by Jim Headley

The City of Maricopa has been filling in the pool at the former Rotary Park as part of the plans to re-use the space next to Maricopa Unified School District and Maricopa Veterans Center. The property is now the new home of the California Zephyr railcar, which sits on the highway side of the old pool.

The pool opened in 1958, thanks to donations of money, labor and time by members of the Rotary Club and other residents of the community. It closed in 2014 after the opening of Copper Sky. Last year, the realignment of Maricopa-Casa Grande Highway and creation of Plainview Street wiped out most of Rotary Park, leaving only the pool on the land that had been donated by the Smith family.

Landscaping and parking are already planned for the area around the Zephyr.


  1. This is so sad!!!!! Maybe not for all the new people to Maricopa, but to all the people who grew up here, very sad. Not much left here to remember our child hood. I have lived here most all of my life. I was born in CG and grew up on Ralston’s farm then Farrell’s farm. I learned to swim at this pool, well really in the ditches first. I don’t know why but I thought this would stay here. Next to go will be the last water tank……..the last of Maricopa.