Jacob Keel, MHS junior, fields the ball at 1st base while David Pankenier checks the speed of the oncoming throw. Photo by Victor Moreno

Monday night, the Maricopa High School baseball team was the beneficiary of a local MLB scout and college recruiter, Maricopa resident David Pankenier.

Pankenier worked with the boys playing summer baseball, after accepting the invitation of new MHS baseball head coach Brad Vericker. The athletes participating spanned grades 7-12.

During the session, Pankenier recorded measurements and statistics related to athleticism testing, defensive testing by position, hitting assessment and a pitching assessment. He recorded the data to assimilate and provide athletes and parents results for each player, so they have quantifiable measurements to see how the athlete compares to athletes being recruited to play at the next level – college and beyond.

“The drills were cool because he can measure the velocity when we throw the ball from the outfield to the plate, and for pitching he can provide a lot of good info – more than just the mph,” said Jackson Lindseth, MHS senior.

Pankenier has a lengthy resume in the baseball world. He is currently the recruiting coordinator and assistant coach at Chandler-Gilbert Community College. He is also a professional scout for the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Scouting Career
2002-present: Kansas City Royals, New York Mets, Houston Astros, Arizona Diamondbacks
2004 co-coordinator for the Northern League Tryouts & Draft
2005 Graduate from Major League Baseball Scout School
2012-present: West Coast Scout Prospect Wire Baseball

David Parks, MHS sophomore, throws to first after fielding a ball to measure accuracy and velocity of throw. Photo by Victor Moreno



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