The Arizona Diamondbacks’ odds-defying World Series appearance begins tonight with Game 1 against the Texas Rangers — and Maricopans are ready. 

Local resident Caleb Erosa said he’s been following the D-Backs since he moved to town in 2019. The team didn’t make the playoffs his first few seasons as a fan, finishing with the worst record in the MLB in 2021 after a 110-loss campaign. 

Erosa said while those seasons were “absolutely brutal,” it makes this season “all that much sweeter.” 

“I’ll be the first to admit I don’t think anyone was expecting the D-Backs to be in the World Series this year,” Erosa said, “but the D-Backs have all the momentum in their favor right now and I predict this to be one of the greatest dark horse stories for the history books.” 

Erosa bought tickets for Game 5 and hopes to be there when the D-Backs clinch the series. 

Local resident Loreli Roberts said she believes the series may draw out to seven games as the NLCS against Philadelphia did. 

“I think the D-Backs will win, but it will be a fight,” Roberts said. “It’ll definitely be a fun World Series to watch with these two underdog teams.” 

Melissa Simon is also steeling herself for the same heart-racing, up-to-the-wire competition that nearly dashed Arizona’s dreams after Bryce Harper and the Phillies handed the D-Backs’ first three postseason losses following sweeps of the Brewers and Dodgers. 

“I think the Diamondbacks will fight for the World Series Champion just as they did against the Phillies,” Simon said. “This will be an amazing series!” 

One local resident said he believes the Diamondbacks can attribute their recent wins to their mentality.  

“I think they have a good chance because they changed their playing style, which I believe got them to where they are now,” said John Donohue. 

Donohue said the “stop thinking and just play” is the best mentality for them. It worked for the Arizona Cardinals during their Super Bowl season in 2008. 

“It is a very old school way of playing,” he said.