State Superintendent visits Maricopa Unified School District

State Superintendent Kathy Hoffman, accompanied by Maricopa Unified Schools District Superintendent Tracey Lopeman, and Maricopa High Principal Deana McNamee, listen in on Greg Mahon's Culinary Arts class.

Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman visited two local Maricopa schools on Thursday as they welcomed students for the first day of instruction.

“We are impressed by the work Maricopa has done to build not just a great learning environment, but an incredible community,” said Hoffman of the school visits. “We’re excited about the growth that continues to happen in Maricopa.”

The district recently opened a brand-new high school Thursday, the city’s second.

Maricopa Superintendent Tracey Lopeman accompanied Hoffman as they met with teachers, and principals visiting classrooms including local CTE programs at Maricopa High School.“It was an honor to have the state’s top educator visit our schools,” said Lopeman. “Her visit to MUSD was an acknowledgment of the quality programming and outstanding teachers at Maricopa Elementary and Maricopa High School. Superintendent Hoffman’s presence added emphasis to the promise and potential of a new school year.”

Arizona’s State Superintendent also met with Maricopa Elementary’s school counselor – a position funded through the School Safety Grant Program at the Arizona Department of Education.

Hoffman, who has made advocating for more mental health professionals in schools a priority of her first term, announced a $21 million investment to provide additional funding for the school safety grant program.

This additional funding went to hiring 71 school counselors and 69 social workers in schools across Arizona that had waited years for mental health positions. Maricopa Unified currently boasts at least one school counselor at each of its school sites, two of which are funded through the grant.