Tawni Proctor [submitted]
When I bought my first shed in 2021, I thought they were all the same. I wanted the biggest shed for the lowest price and didn’t think about how construction or the weather would affect my new building. Fast forward one year and the doors warped, the floor bowed, and ventilation was poor. What was supposed to be a great addition to my home ended up being another project. But I shed you not…there are quality sheds built by reputable companies that last decades!

Do I need a shed?

Do you have a garage full of yard tools, toys, bikes, ATVs, shop tools, pool equipment and patio furniture? Do you work from home and need extra space? Don’t even get me started on the Christmas bins! Maybe you want a backyard bar, mancave, workshop or she-shed? Wouldn’t it be great to have extra space without having to move? If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, shed ownership is a good option for you.

Ask yourself this when buying
  1. Is your shed ready for the elements? Make sure your shed has proper ventilation and protection against extreme heat and mildew. Solar RoofBlaster vents and radiant barriers are essential for keeping the inside temps regulated as much as possible. These options can provide up to a 15-degree difference!
  2. Can your shed be fully customized and moved if needed? Be sure the company you choose provides custom paint and heights, 3D renderings and assistance with HOA approvals. Also, make sure your shed can be moved to a new location in the yard — or even to a new home — should you decide to change things up or need access to dig underneath.
  3. Who’s building your shed, how is it assembled and with what materials? Are the guys building your shed inexperienced or are they skilled craftsmen? Is the company excited to show you its online reviews? Is your shed built and painted in a climate-controlled environment with superior siding, moisture- and termite-resistant lifetime flooring, top brand paint and anti-warp door framing to withstand our hot climate? Do they offer top-to-bottom warranties? These things matter!
  4. Are there extra fees for delivery and setup? Some companies quote a seemingly great price, then charge extra for delivery, crane fees and onsite builds. Some even make you paint the extra coat yourself. Make sure there is nothing hidden that can end up costing you much more in the long run.
  5. Will adding a shed to my backyard increase my home value? The short answer is yes, if your shed is made of good quality materials. It’s also a huge selling point for buyers!

If you want to create more space or get organized, please consider reaching out to Urban Shed Concepts of Maricopa and let Tawni help you design a quality building for exactly what you need!