Tree farm fire leaves daunting questions unanswered

An aerial view of the ongoing fire at Thunderbird Farms. [Bryan Mordt]

This August is shaping up to be just like last year when a fire at Thunderbird Farms lasted for more than a week and burned through as many as 20 acres — the area of Chicago’s Millennium Park.

The tree farm along North Warren Road south of West Pima Road is again grappling with a ferocious inferno that rekindled from last night. According to the Thunderbird Fire District, a lightning strike sparked the fire around 8:30 p.m.

A frantic phone call with the North Hidden Valley Volunteer Fire Department didn’t yield answers to questions about the extent of spread of the fire.

But concerns about its scale and severity are mounting among Maricopa residents.

Key questions remain unanswered, including the methods being employed to contain or extinguish the blaze and if there are injuries.

Last year’s episode was the result of two decades of tree trimmings erupting in flames.

This is a breaking story. We will provide more details as they become available.


  1. Last year’s fire burning twenty years of tree trimmings that were never cleaned up properly was negligence. Yesterday’s fire not being properly extinguished and causing today’s blaze is just clearly incompetence.