Republican activist, community volunteer running for non-partisan city council post


Vincent Manfredi’s volunteer resume ranges from task force member to softball coach to political activist, and he hopes to apply all his experiences to benefit the city as a member of its city council.

Vincent Manfredi

Age: 43

Family: Married, with three daughters

Education: Dual major BA in social sciences (education) and business management from Ashford University, Summa Cum Laude

Maricopa resident since: 2010

Arizona residence since: 2002

Hometown: New Jersey

Profession: Training and project director

Prior elected office held: Pinal County Republican Committee district chair

Community involvement: Served on the Zoning Code Rewrite Task Force to help bring the Maricopa zoning code up to date; volunteered on board of the Maricopa Babe Ruth League as vice president of softball operations; served on the Board of Adjustment for city of Maricopa; started Maricopa Motorcycle Riders, which brings together people from every background to ride and foster a sense of community; organized and participated in fundraisers for different charities throughout Maricopa; participated in the small business training "critical skills" classes offered by the Maricopa Chamber of Commerce; participated in the Leadership Academy offered through the city of Maricopa; volunteered with the Maricopa Little League as an assistant coach; awarded Precinct Committeeman Rookie of the Year by the Pinal County Republican Committee

Hobbies: I enjoy coaching my daughters' softball team and riding my motorcycle.

Why are you running? I am running for City Council in Maricopa because I feel that my work within the community since moving here has given me great insight into the needs of the city. I believe in order to serve you must understand how that service is going to be beneficial to the community as a whole. We moved to Maricopa with the hopes of raising our three daughters in a place that we felt safe and welcome, and I want to help Maricopa become that shining beacon to those who are looking for the same.

What differentiates you from your opponents? My history as a volunteer who will jump in when needed to get a job done. When Mayor Price was looking for people to volunteer and join the newly formed Zoning Code Rewrite Task Force, I stepped in and volunteered. When there was an opening on the MUSD school board, I volunteered. Although I was not chosen, I offered my help. I am known to always be there when needed from a car wash for a charity to helping with an event. I find a way to manage my time quite well and always put my family first. I am the only candidate in the four-year race endorsed by our current state representatives Adam Kwasman and Steve Smith, and two candidates running for that position in Mark Finchem and Vince Leach. I am also the only candidate in the four-year race endorsed by former Mayor Anthony Smith, who serves as the current chairman of the Pinal County Supervisors. I have networked and built relationships throughout the county and state that can be utilized as a councilman.

What qualifies you to serve in this capacity? I have served on the Board of Adjustment and the Zoning Code Rewrite Task Force for the city of Maricopa. I have nearly 30 years of work experience, and have owned numerous small businesses throughout my career. I am a college graduate, I and will continue my education when I start my Master’s program next year. Most importantly I am someone who can work well with others and have no problem speaking my mind.

What will you do for Maricopa if elected? My goals are to work with Mayor Price and the council to facilitate the 347 overpasses. I also want to bring a business sense to the organization, by helping to bring Lean Six Sigma to Maricopa. Lean Six Sigma is a way to reduce waste at all levels and become more efficient. Most importantly is working to maintain our excellent quality of life while improving and possibly expanding some services to our residents.