Walmart closed after fire scare

Firefighters outside Walmart. [Bryan Mordt]

A fire scare prompted Maricopa’s Walmart store to close this morning, according to a spokesperson for the city’s emergency services. 

Crews with Maricopa Fire and Medical Department responded to Walmart on West Maricopa Casa-Grande Highway after someone reported smoke inside the store at 9:30 a.m.  

Firefighters found smoke in the building, but no alarms or sprinklers were activated, according to Monica Williams, a spokesperson for the department. 

“Our crews located a malfunctioning HVAC system that appeared to be producing smoke,” said Williams. “As a precaution, Walmart staff evacuated the store, and it is now up to management to determine its reopening.” 

Walmart store manager Darnell Williams said no one was hurt and the store was evacuated. 

“We see smoke, we want to react,” he said. 

The store’s heaters kicked on for the first time this year, likely causing the smoke. 

After the smoke clears and the heaters are determined to be safe, Walmart will begin “letting folks back in,” Darnell Williams said.