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The Pinal County Health Department inspected 12 Maricopa eateries in April, handing out citations to six.

The six restaurants receiving citations were Dairy Queen, Teakwoods Tavern and Grill, The Silver Spur at the Duke at Rancho El Dorado, Papago Cantina, Ak-Chin Southern Dunes Golf Course Grille 109 and Say Sushi.

The restaurants had the following inspection violations:

Dairy Queen
● not date marking food
● not holding foods at proper temperature

● not holding foods at proper temperature
● mold-like substance growing around the sink

Silver Spur at the Duke at Rancho El Dorado
● Not holding foods at proper temperature

Papago Cantina
● Improper cooling
● Not holding foods at proper temperature

Say Sushi
● Green onions and tofu not under a sneeze guard
● Not holding foods at proper temperature

Ak-Chin Southern Dunes Grille 109
● Improper chemical levels
● Blocked hand washing sink
● Improper use/storage of utensils

For the violations all the cited restaurants received scores of satisfactory.

Health inspectors conduct random inspections aimed at ensuring all proper steps are taken to maintain consumer safety, Pinal County officials said. The department can issue violations that are either critical or non-critical.
Critical violations must be fixed within 10 days and affect a location's score. Non-critical violations must be fixed within 90 days. Grades are based on the number of violations, with an "E" for excellent being the highest possible score. Other scores are "S" for satisfactory, "U" for unacceptable and "N" for needs improvement.
Restaurants receiving perfect scores were Penascos Mexican Grill, Little Caesars, Jack in the Box, Yogurt Jungle and Great Wall.

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A call Bristol Palin made to Anchorage station KWHL’s “The Bob & Mark Show” on Friday revealed some details about her Maricopa home purchase and personal life.

Palin told show deejays, Bob Lester and Mark, that, as suspected, she wrote a check for her house in Cobblestone Farms with money she earned through her appearance on “Dancing with the Stars.”

“I’m thrilled,” Palin said of her new life in Arizona. “I love the town I live in. I love my house. Tripp’s happy. He’s healthy. Everything’s great.”

Radio announcers Bob and Mark asked Palin about rumors that she changed her son Tripp’s last name from Johnston to Palin. Palin said she had spoken with her former fiancé Levi Johnston about the possibility of making the change and asked him to sign over his custody rights, a request he refused.

Palin added that Johnston has not seen the baby much lately. “’Since Dancing with the Stars,’ he’s seen him, at the most, three times,” Palin said on-air. “It’s unfortunate for Tripp, but …”

Looking ahead, Palin told the on-air personalities, “I’m working on a few different projects,” adding that she is pursuing a job with Phoenix radio station 96.9.

The Mix job was formally extended over the air by the channel’s morning disc jockey, Matthew Blades.

If Palin were to accept, she would work alongside the morning show talk host.

“I think that Bristol’s outlook on life is probably different from mine, and that contrast could be interesting to listen to,” Blades said.

“I’m going to meet with them,” Palin said, “and see if it’s actually legitimate and if I would like the guy I would be on air with.”