Photo/City of Maricopa

The City of Maricopa has worked with its citizens over the past two years to develop a vision for the future of the city and a roadmap there.


The Nov. 8 General Election ballot will include Maricopa Proposition 415, which is the adoption of the City’s update to the 2006 General Plan, entitled “Planning Maricopa.” After holding over 100 public meetings, the Maricopa City Council unanimously approved this update to the General Plan in May, placing it before Maricopa voters in November.


Throughout the coming weeks, InMaricopa will feature a series of articles to help educate Maricopa voters on Planning Maricopa – Proposition 415. If you have any questions or would like additional information, please go to and watch this video for a preview of what’s to come:


Planning Maricopa Video


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