Getting to know Cindi Jackson

Cindi Jackson

Cindi Jackson has lived in Pennsylvania and California, but now calls Maricopa home. She sells an array of new and used items from her business south of town.

Hometown: New Kensington, Pennsylvania
Resides in: Maricopa
Maricopan since: 1993
Occupation: New and used dealer for Cindi’s Attic; notary
Family: One son who lives in Maricopa and owns “Moving Maricopa”
Pets: Two Yorkies
Hobbies: Making porcelain dolls and crafts.
Pet peeve: Politics
Dream vacation: Hawaii; expenses paid
Like most about Maricopa: I like the people of Maricopa
Like least about Maricopa: Wind, rain and heat.

Favorite …
Charity: American Cancer Society
Book: The Bible, and Joel Olsteen
Movie: The Green Mile
Actor: Sylvester Stallone
Song: Ten Thousand Angels
Musician: Barry White
Team: Arizona Cardinals
Food: Seafood
Drink: Water
Meal: Lobster
Restaurant: Hong Kong Buffet in Chandler
Getaway: San Diego, California
Website: Facebook
Quote: “Don’t do unto me what you wouldn’t want me to do unto you”
Words to live by: Karma
Anything else we should know? I’m the owner of Cindi’s Attic which is located at 49992 W. Papago Road.  If no “Open” sign is out just call and I will schedule a time 520-840-6723. I sell brand new clothes and shoes and nothing is over $5.  I also sell antiques.

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