Getting to know Jennifer Szoltysik

Jennifer Szoltysik

Jennifer Szoltysik teaches instrumental and vocal classes in Maricopa, where big demand keeps her days filled with music.

Hometown: Mesa
Maricopan since: 2004
Occupation: Music teacher – Step into the Music
Family: Married
Pets: Four Cats
Cars: All Chevy!
Pet peeve: When someone messes up the National Anthem!
Like most about Maricopa: Wide open spaces
Like least about Maricopa: Need more businesses

Favorite …
Charity: St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital
Book: “Tuesdays with Morrie”
Movie: Inception
Actor: Robert Downey Jr.
Song: “Unforgettable”
Musician: Barry Manilow
Team: AZ Cardinals
Athlete: Larry Fitzgerald
Food: All Mexican & Sushi
Drink: Moscow Mule
Meal: Dinner
Restaurant: Say Sushi & Arriba’s Mexican Grill
Getaway: San Diego
Quote: “Some watch things happen, some make things happen, some wonder what the hell happened.” – Carroll Bryant
Words to live by: Life is too short!

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