Leonard Bratspir is a middle school teacher in Maricopa and is a Penn State alum. He has been teaching since the 1970s and has lived in Arizona since the ‘80s.

Name:  Leonard Bratspir

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Reside in: Maricopa, AZ

Maricopan since: 4 years

Occupation: 7th&8th grade teacher for Maricopa Wells Middle School

Family: Wife Linda, 5 kids, 12 grandkids

Pets: Dog, Mickey. Red factor canary, Llucci

Favorite Cars: Ford

Hobbies: Chess and Golf

Pet Peeves: People who talk against the USA

Like most about Maricopa: It’s a small town and the people seem nice.

Like least about Maricopa: All the traffic lights that never work when you want them to.


Book: Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire

Movie: Shawshank Redemption

Celebrity:  Denzel Washington

Musician/Band: Rolling Stones

Concerts: Paul McCartney and The Beatles

Team: Philadelphia Eagles

Nonprofit: Goodwill

Food: French

Drink: 7&7

Restaurant: Mancusco’s in Scottsdale

Vacation Spot: San Diego

Website: ESPNsports

Quote: Ben Franklin once said, there are two things you can loose and never re-gain; 1) Time and 2)Personal Honor

Joke: A duck walks into a bar…and asks the bar tender if he has any grapes.  The bar tender says, ‘No, this is a bar, we don’t have grapes.’

The duck returns the next day and asks the same question.  The bartender becomes annoyed and says “How many times do I have to tell you, this is a bar, we don’t have grapes.”

The duck returns the third day with the same question.  The bartender is now upset and threatens to nail the duck’s feet to the top of the bar if he comes in and asks the question again.

The duck returns the following day and asks the bartender a new question, “Do you have any nails?”  The bartender replies “no”.

The duck then asks, “Do you have any grapes?”





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