Getting to Know Sylvia Flaherty

Sylvia Flaherty

Sylvia  Flaherty has been a Maricopan for eight years and has turned her talents for sewing and wig-making into a business.

Hometown: California
Maricopan since: 2007
Occupation: CEO of True Image Creations/Master Wig Designer of custom made wigs
Family: Yes
Pets: Yes
Cars: Yes
Hobbies: Sewing
Pet peeve: Procrastination
Dream vacation: St Lucia
Like most about Maricopa: Diversity in community
Like least about Maricopa: No Home Depot

Charity: Donations of wigs to cancer patients.
Book: The Bible
Actor: No favorite
Song: No favorite
Musician:  Father
Team:  Golden State
Athlete: Steve Curry
Food: Steaks
Drink: Mimosas
Meal: Mashed potatoes
Restaurant:  Home
Getaway: Movies
Quote: “Be faithful over little thing, God will make you ruler over much”
Words to live by: If you always give, you will always have.

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